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so far all bounties I have been awarded I have gotten after the grace period, is this just coincidence? [duplicate]

I have recently won a few bounties on stackoverflow. (I knew I would get them because the awarders told me in the comment they would give them to me or had flagged the answer as right) I eventually ...
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Granting multiple bounties [duplicate]

I've recently asked a question where I was pleasantly surprised by the merit of answers. I did post a bounty that since has been granted automatically, with half of the amount (got a bit sidetracked ...
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What can't I see the bounty on the answer?

I awarded a bounty for my question about keys in vim on Feb 13th, to reward an existing answer. I delayed the final "OK" to get more views. Help said If you do not award your bounty within 7 days (...
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Text of Bounty Grace Period notice is confusing

This bounty has ended. Answers to this question are eligible for a +50 reputation bounty. You have 19 hours to award this bounty. The question to which I awarded a bounty has exactly one answer, by ...
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Why didn't I get any bounty after the question was accepted? [duplicate]

I have answered a question, and after the bounty expired, I didn't get any bounty. And the bounty was started by the question owner, the question owner accepted an answer during the bounty period, ...
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What happens if a bounty is awarded automatically when there are 2 answers with an equal amount of upvotes? [duplicate]

From What happens if I feel my question is still unanswered? / What is automatic awarding? Approximately 24 hours after the end of the bounty ...
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Let me know earlier that I can't award a bounty within the first 24 hours

I've just started a bounty here, and though the FAQ states bounties can only be awarded 24 hours after starting them, this isn't immediately obvious and I have to confirm an IMPORTANT WARNING to ...
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Can I get back the reputation of a bounty if the author accepts my answer?

Recently, by mistake, I've set a bounty for a question that was asked by another account. I've read a lot about bounty policies here, however, I don't understand my condition. The question hasn't ...
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Why are bounties now also censored?

On the question Stack Overflow is doing me ongoing harm; it's time to fix it! there was some activity. As indicated per homepage activity by a user. So I clicked it and wanted to know what's ...
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What if my post does not get answers? [duplicate]

What to do in that case? As far as I know, there is no way to request a particular member to answer my question. I put this up nearly a day and a half ago Wedge constraint relations No one ...
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Is it possible to avoid awarding a bounty on a low quality post? [duplicate]

I got only one answer to my question and it doesn't answer the question. After IMMENSE research I found my own answer and posted it. BUT The question has a bounty. This bounty is automatically going ...
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What's the best way to compose very long answers?

In the process of writing very long answers, whether on meta sites or main sites, what is the best way to format content for future visitors? For the record, I am not talking about the validity of ...
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How should we handle questions that have been reposted after being deleted due to one downvote + SE's automated process to remove questions?

How should we handle questions that: have been reposted after being deleted due to one downvote + Stack Exchange's automated process to remove questions? received no comments (or all comments were ...
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How come I didn't receive the bounty? [duplicate]

I have answered a bounty question on Stack Overflow, but I did not received any bounty and I don't know why. From What is a bounty? How can I start one? I understand that If I have an answer with 2 ...
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Can a bounty be awarded to a non-accepted answer? [duplicate]

I have a problem one of the users who asked awhile ago about something related to SQL injection. I provided an answer for his problem, and some solutions, but he did not accept my answer nor did he ...
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