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Clarification about a bounty assignement? [duplicate]

On this recent question, a user placed a 500 rp bounty. The question has attracted four answers of which 3 shows the same net amount of upvotes. The user didn't choose any of the answers and let ...
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Bounty - Does that reward reputation points or will cost my reputation points? [duplicate]

I've never used bounty on one of my questions. I've read that I can set a bounty and they will appear prominent. I should then award the best question. So, will they (who awarded) get same ...
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How do I ensure a poor answer doesn't get bounty if it's the only answer? [duplicate]

I feel like someone made a comment as an answer on a question with a bounty just so they could reap the "auto bounty" since they are the only answer on it. I've flagged the bad/useless answer (as a ...
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How do I request a question be re-answered? [duplicate]

Say I have the question "How do I solve A". I do a search, and I find that Bob has already posted this exact question. He has also posted an answer, in which he says "I figured out I could avoid the ...
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Bounty: self answered question [duplicate]

I have a currently open bounty in Magento site Magento2 - missing adminhtml custom block after upgrade to 2.2 & I have solved the problem myself I can accept my answer as valid, but I am not sure ...
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Why is there a bounty, when an answer is already accepted? [duplicate]

The Question is: Catching exceptions in destructors I asked a question in 2013, got some good answers, and accepted one. Now this week (early 2018), I got a notice that someone else had put a bounty ...
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Changes to bounty rules: removal of double rep-retention, blocking of owner deletion

Adam Lear has been digging into the circumstances behind this feature request, and determined that the behavior described there is likely an oversight: it should not be possible for a bounty to remain ...
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Automatic bounty awarding - votes count up to which point considered? [duplicate]

In the accepted answer to the question How does the bounty system work? it says, If the author offered the bounty, and accepted an answer that was posted during the bounty period, that answer is ...
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Doubling a selection in mobile web

If you make a selection of the header element in the post body in mobile web you can see that the text is doubled: Looks like a font white shadow. Shadow for unselected header is not visible. ...
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Cannot add bounty to question [duplicate]

I have at least 75 rep. I don't see any link underneath the comments to start a bounty:
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My question with a bounty got an autoselected answer that (almost) misses the point completly [duplicate]

I did put up a question for bounty Get the z-Buffer in 16 bit resolution in 3ds max , which got one answer, which kinda led in the right direction, but had an immense flaw (Still in 8 Bit). I upvoted ...
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My bounty expired with no answers, how can I raise the bounty? [duplicate]

I asked a question on Stack Overflow (How to update the deprecated python zipline.transforms module?) but received no answers. I offered a bounty of 50 reputation but still received no answers. I ...
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How to report a post to moderators? [duplicate]

I read (not all but) many questions about automatic bounty awarding. e.g.: How does the bounty system work? and Automatic award of bounty. And in How to willingly not award a bounty? I found: ... ...
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Why can't I increase to an outstanding bounty? [duplicate]

A friendly user placed a bounty on a question of mine: Is there really no version of realloc() supporting alignment? The thing is, it's a pretty small bounty, and I want to augment it a bit. It ...
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Is it appropriate to post an exact duplicate if the older question got no answer? [duplicate]

I posted Chat "show x more" starred messages doesn't result in a scrollbar, which I'm aware is an exact duplicate of "show X more" (starred) in chat is a tease The older ...
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