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How can I assign a bounty and the "accepted answer" checkmark to more than two equally good answers?

I posted a question and added a 100 point bounty. I got (so far) three equally great answers. Each of the answers approached the problem from a different angle. All three answers are independent. All ...
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Allow high-reputation users or topic experts to "endorse" answers posted by other users

The problem I am a Physics Stack user and I made a feature request that I was told would be a better fit for the mother meta site. I am a user who primarily answers way more than I ask. In short, the ...
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Do we receive notifications about new answers posted for a question on which I started bounty? [duplicate]

I started a bounty on a question. After I started the bounty, some answers were posted and I received notifications about these answers. P.S. I didn't follow the bounty question. Is receiving ...
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How can I effectively assist a novice programmer with a bounty question?

Asking on Meta Stack Exchange has to do with effectively assisting a user who has posted a bounty on a question. Preface I'm currently interacting with a user who seems to have copied a project from ...
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Should ongoing support be rewarded with additional upvotes?

I direct your attention to this answer which has been sustained and updated over time. Reading through the answer shows how times change and improvements warrant readdressing questions and answers. ...
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How can I forcibly remove a question with no answers from the Bountied list?

If a question with bounty has an answer, you can award the bounty to that answer and that will remove the question from the Bountied list. Is it possible to remove the question (before the bounty is ...
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How to receive a bounty from "Community"? [duplicate]

I was checking some bounties to see and realized that one of my answers was present on a newly bountied question. This one to be specific: 500 window is not defined nuxt3 and composition api I forgot ...
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Can Place a Bounty on a Locked Q/A, but Can't Award It [duplicate]

A few days ago, I revisited the infamous HTML Zalgo question. Seeing the "start a bounty" link, I clicked it. I ended up being able to place one on the question despite the entire Q/A post ...
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A possibly erroneous bounty auto-award message? I thought I already awarded it, but auto-award notification says it gave the full amount

Third time's a charm! Starting at +100 for my first bounty on Reference request (explaining) how optical correlators combine light from multiple telescopes to produce ultra-high resolution ...
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Bounties on questions without answers shouldn't start counting down until the first answer is posted, but still only stay featured for seven days [duplicate]

I think I understand How does the bounty system work? when no answers get posted: What happens if there's no answer after the bounty period? If, after the end of the bounty period, a question has no ...
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Make it clear in the bounty dialog that it's not possible to reward your own answer

When a user sets a bounty on a question, the system doesn't allow them to reward their own answer: Can I award a bounty to my own answer? No. This used to be possible, but it has been disabled. The +...
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What should I do if I make a typo in my bounty text? [duplicate]

I know I can't edit it myself (there is a feature request to enable this). I just raised a custom moderator flag with an explanation and the replacement bounty text, but I don't want to waste their ...
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Cannot award bounty [duplicate]

In this question, I had started a bounty to draw more attention. When I got an extensive answer by user Eddie Kelley, I awarded the bounty to that answer. Immediately after this, I found that there is ...
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Is the minimum bounty now double your previous bounty? [duplicate]

I wanted to add an extra bounty to a question I had already bountied (at 100 rep) to make its reward comparable to a very similar question I had also bountied. I wanted to add another 150, but the ...
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Is there a policy for extending bounty periods in cases where there is SE network outage or maintenance? [duplicate]

If I start a bounty, I expect that bounty to last 7 days unless I award the bounty before the time of expiry. What happens if there is Stack Exchange Network maintenance or outage during that time? Is ...
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