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We need better support for retina displays [duplicate]

The site looks a bit ugly now that I got used to the retina display. Here are few points that could/should make the site looks crispier :) Update the favicon to support the 32x32 version too The ...
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When will Stack Overflow support retina devices? [duplicate]

When will Stack Overflow support retina devices? Please, please, please at least change the favicon to a high-res version.
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Stack Exchange™ MultiCollider SuperDropdown™ image wacked

And if I click on it... Looks like a CSS sprite issue... I'm thinking that the image was recently changed, by looking at the name,
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Automatically resize high-resolution screenshots

On a modern Apple device with a high-resolution screen, if I take a screenshot of a window, this is what I get: As you can see, when the image is displayed normally, it's too big. Because my screen ...
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Show larger images for high DPI displays

Some of the newer tablets and also Notebooks (notably the iPad, Macbook Pro and the Nexus 10 tablet) use displays with ultra-high resolutions at around 300 dpi. This makes text look very, very good, ...
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@1x Image resolution on answers/questions

I am using chrome on a Mac Retina Display, the avatar image under the answers/questions is using a 32x32 image resolution, which makes the image looks ugly on retina display screens. Using @2x image ...
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Can the Gravatar images be sized to support HDPi displays?

When requesting a Gravatar image that's 32x32 and displaying it inside an <img> tag whose width and height are also set to 32x32, you end up with a blurry image being displayed to users with ...
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Duplicate candidates: count is wrong, or scrolling is missing

I recently voted to close this question as a duplicate of this question. When I first voted to close, I inadvertently clicked on a different proposed duplicate (there were two proposed duplicates ...
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How do I scale inserted images without losing quality?

Is there a way to insert scaled high quality images other than entering HTML directly? I understand that I can use imgur to size the displayed image without using HTML, but this produces a degraded ...
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Live: Left nav, new theming and responsiveness

This post is now locked due to a lot of off-topic or very tangentially related issues being posted here. It's so large that it is pretty hard to find/triage issues listed. If you have a concern ...
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