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What happens when a moderator clicks 'leave open' in the close-vote queue? [duplicate]

It takes 3 ordinary users clicking "leave open" in the close-vote queue to remove the question from the queue. How about diamond mods? Do they remove it from the queue in one click, or not?
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Does using Edit in the Close Review queue count as a Do Not Close vote? [duplicate]

I've been reviewing Close-voted questions on SO. Sometimes I think if they're edited into shape they might be a real question after all. Sometimes I think yeah, that's a dupe, but it's a hot mess and ...
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What happens when "recommend deletion" and "delete" are mixed in LQP review? [duplicate]

In Low Quality Posts review, what happens when <20k users chose "recommend deletion", and 20k users chose "delete" for the same review? For example, if a post had 3 "recommend deletion" reviews and ...
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In which cases a question is not anymore available in the review queue? [duplicate]

This question in the "Review Reopen Votes" queue is shown as not anymore available, even if just a user reviewed it, and it has not been re-opened. The question has been temporary locked by a ...
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Should I be asked to review edits on deleted posts? [duplicate]

I just got asked to review an edit on this post: after it had been deleted. At least, I'm pretty sure I was ...
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When posts leave review queue [duplicate]

There are quite a lot info in FAQ questions But I'd like to know exactly how many votes of which type question/answer need to leave queue. For example(if I understand it correctly) for suggested ...
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How many reviewers can perform an action on a review task? [duplicate]

I am trying to learn how review tasks are implemented, but not finding enough details. Basically my question boils down to what actions can a user perform, how many users can perform an action on the ...
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Review queue workflows - Final release

All good things must come to an end and so must the review queues project. This project would not have been successful without the community. Thank you all for the hours of reviewing, testing, and ...
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New onboarding for review queues

The Public Platform team is continuing to work towards improving the review queues and we’re here today to announce a new onboarding experience for the review queues. In the product discovery phase (...
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What are the review queues, and how do they work?

I see a "review" link on the top of the page, which takes me to a few "review queues". What is a "review queue"? What are the various queues for? What can I do in each queue? Return to FAQ index
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Please require more reviewers on First Posts

On the one hand, I see very few posts in the review queue when I visit. On the other hand, I see a lot of pretty awful first posts sitting on the front page. This leads me to suspect that robo-...
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Why does the Community user sometimes review suggested edits?

Why does the Community bot sometimes approve or reject edits? How does a machine know if my edit is valid? What does it mean if my edit was "canceled" by Community? See also: Who is the ...
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Question flags, queues, edits, roomba, community♦, how does this actually work?

There is constant ongoing discussion about what flags to use when, review queue processing, review queue structure, flag handling, etc., but no one person seems to know exactly how this all works. ...
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Do posts in the first answers and first questions queues age out?

Do review items in the First questions and First answers queues age out of the queues? I tried finding this info in What are the guidelines for reviewing? but it doesn't say. Neither could I find the ...
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Why are there automatic moderator flags (autoflags) from the Community User, and what are they for?

Occasionally as a moderator I've noticed flags from the Community user. I've got a few questions: Why do they exist? What events trigger them? How might moderators act on them?

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