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Massive redundant retagging? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Gaming the edit system with tiny edits? Related: Should adding redundant but related tags be encouraged or discouraged Suddenly the start page of my StackOverflow is flooded ...
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Should we do something about enormous numbers of edits in short times? [duplicate]

First of all, dear Antonio Carlos Ribeiro, please don't take it as a personal... Today, I just looked up the editor parts on Stackoverflow and I saw this user made 543 edits in 24 hours. When I look ...
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Review: more users control [duplicate]

Sometimes, when reviewing certain threads (for example, 'Suggested edits') I notice that there are series of edits from user (usually, low-rep.) with very minor changes. It's obvious that it is an ...
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The robo-approvers are killing my will to review edits

Already I have lost all hope of looking at late answers etc. It's just a parade of meh. I can't make any kind of intelligent decision because I can't see the other answers to the question, for ...
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Why no honeypot suggested edits?

While the review audits are great and much needed, as far as I can tell they do not apply for the suggested edits queue. Robo reviewers can still approve crap and smile all the way to their badges. ...
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Approve as too minor

This is going to be pretty short and somewhat to the point. I have a big problem with what goes on in the suggested edits section of /review. Obviously there is a lot of mindless approval going on, ...
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An alert to serial minor edits

I have noticed that this user, Jamie Hutton is doing a massive set of typo-correction edit suggestions. This is pushing the review queue right up (over 70 and over 90 at different points today) and ...
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What if a user is searching and is only removing profanity?

While reviewing "Suggested Edits" on Stack Overflow, I've noticed a lot of edits lately from the same user, and all of the edits consist of nothing but removing profanity. While I'm inclined to ...
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No reputation for continued tag edits

A certain user just got 42 reputation from removing the windows-ribbon-framework from a bunch of questions and doing nothing else. This seems very wrong, because the questions had other things wrong ...
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Is the @reply in a comment to the editor of a post broken?

According to Jeff's answer, @replies to post editors are implemented: So you can now @reply to editors of a post even if they haven't commented. Yet, I just tried to address the editor of a question ...
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Appropriate actions for user making multiple accepted incorrect edits

This user has made multiple edits recently where he adds Thanks in advance to the end. I know this is wrong to do because it puts words in the user's mouth and we are not supposed to say "thanks" or ...
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Edits I reject get approved; what next?

I've started reviewing edits on Stack Overflow and have seen that there are several suggestions which I reject which eventually get approved anyway. I was thinking for instance about this suggestion ...
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More serial minor edits

This user is searching for "Thanks & Regards" and removing it on each post he can find. About serial minor editing: An alert to serial minor edits and Flag a user as "serial minor editor&...
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Does Stack Exchange have an official stance on users doing a large number of trivial edits to old questions?

It drives me mildly insane to see the "Active" page of a Stack Exchange site filled with old questions that have all had trivial edits from one user. Modifications I consider trivial are: a single ...
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Yet another case of serial minor tag editing

Related This user has been suggesting tag-only edits that, for the most part, just add mysql to sql questions, without improving anything else. He's at 60 approved (!) and 12 rejected (:(). (update ...
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