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50 question per month limit? [duplicate]

I get a message: Sorry, you are only allowed to ask 50 questions in a 30 day period Why is there a question limit? 50/month is just not enough :)
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Is there a limit on how many questions I can ask? [duplicate]

Is there a limit on how many questions I can ask per day? Per hour? Per other time unit? Related Questions: Limitation on submitting a question, is it an explicit request to create a new account? ...
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How often do CAPTCHAs appear? [duplicate]

Really just looking for honest answers from fellow users for this one. How often do you get CAPTCHAs, and what were you doing when it appeared? Some future scripts I'm working on may attempt ...
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What actions are rate-limited, and why? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: The Complete Rate-Limiting Guide I've seen a number of time delay notifications on the sites. E.g.: you can only comment every x seconds What are all the situations that ...
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Can the 40 minute timer be removed for high reputation users across the network? [duplicate]

I often daydream and spend the bulk of my day thinking about up various topics. Once I have digested these topics into good quality questions I would like to, in one burst, ask perhaps three different ...
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Why are we allowed to ask only one question per 40 minutes? [duplicate]

Why are we allowed to ask only one question per 40 minutes? Shouldn't this time be reduced? Also, when I was posting my second question on Computer Science.SE then this time limit was 40 minutes but ...
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How was a newbie able to ask eight questions in six hours on a single site? [duplicate]

A new user managed to ask eight questions on History SE in the past six hours. I thought that there was a six question limit a day. That is per twenty four hour period. Or was it an instance where ...
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The "You can only post once every 30 minutes" bug [duplicate]

I have this on Stack Overflow (I am posting an answer): but I haven't posted anything (only flag and votes up) in the last 30 minutes. How can I fix this bug?
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Why can new users only answer every 30 minutes? [duplicate]

Since a new user to Stack Overflow like me can only post an answer to a question every 30 minutes, this makes it extremely irrelevant for new users and will in short; drive users away from Stack ...
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You have reached the question limit [duplicate]

I received a message I have reached the question limit when I tried to ask a question. I wrote three questions last two weeks with 0 votes. I am now answering other questions in hope I will be able ...
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One user answers all questions or tag monopoly [duplicate]

There are some users at Stack Overflow who answer all questions with some special tag almost 24/7. They give in 5 mins all the possible options in their answer (and for this tag not many options are ...
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You can't post in 40 minutes? I haven't posted anything in two days? Is it a problem? [duplicate]

I am trying to post on the Mathematics Stack Exchange site, but the message I get is that you can only post once every 40 minutes. The problem is I haven't posted anywhere, anything in any community ...
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How many messages can I star? Is there any rate limiting? [duplicate]

This got me curious: Like you start with 500 stars. The first one leaves you with 499, the second with 497, the third with 494... Is this already in place? Does it mean I can use only 500 stars then ...
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Is there a limit to the number of answers per time period? [duplicate]

The site reasonably has a limit to the number of questions per time period, e.g. 6 questions per 24 hours. Is there a comparable limit to the number of answers per time period? If not, why not? Is ...
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How long does the 50 questions limit last? [duplicate]

I got the 50 questions limit message. How long does this probation lasts? Thanks
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