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How can I see the rep lost due to removed accepted? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Please show us when we lose an accepted answer Why doesn't the reputation graph show the rep lost when someone removes the accepted answer to a question I've previously ...
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Lost 15 reputation points, but where? (which accepted answer? or are there other options?) [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Please show us when we lose an accepted answer If i hover over my name, i can see that my reputation has lost -15 points today. I am assuming that either an answer of mine ...
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Unaccepting an answer doesn't show up in the reputation stats? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Please show us when we lose an accepted answer Yesterday, I lost 15 points. But I couldn't find where it came from. I think someone has unaccepted my answer again. The quick ...
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Ability to see which accepted answer has been revoked [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Please show us when we lose an accepted answer I've been using SO now for about 6 months and I've had 2 or 3 occasions when I've noticed my rep has dropped by exactly 15. My ...
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Add unaccept to reputation history [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Please show us when we lose an accepted answer I lost 15 rep today on SU which, so far, has been all I've been able to accomplish there today. -15 shows up under total rep ...
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How can I view in history what owner of the question removed the 'accepted'-flag from my answer [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Please show us when we lose an accepted answer How can I view such event in the history? I need to know, what answer should I change to improve the quality of it.
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Display lost/negative reputation in topbar achievements

When you get reputation, you get a +X green spot on your reputation feed telling you that you gained reputation and if you drop down the menu, you get more detail. How about we make it that when you ...
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Is it poor form to switch accepted answers?

I had a question of the form "does something like X exist?" Someone wrote a response to say that, No, X does not exist, but I could write it if I liked. I had suspected as much, so I marked his answer ...
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How do you want to be notified of unaccepted answers?

One feature-request we keep seeing is users want to be notified when someone un-accepts an answer, so a few questions that follow are how often should these notifications be seen, under what ...
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Notification when my answer is unaccepted?

I just lost some reputation, presumably because someone changed their selected answer from mine to someone else's. Can these losses of reputation be noted on my reputation page similar to the other ...
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Please show us when one of our posts gets deleted

Now that we are notified when we lose an accepted answer, can we go a step further and be notified when one of our posts (question or answer) gets deleted by someone other than ourselves? This will ...
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Reputation notification of deselected answer?

This was never an issue before, but now I notice it now that I have many answers accepted as the "accepted answer". We receive +15 rep for an acceptance. We receive notification in our reputation ...
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How to know the "Number of days I have hit reputation cap on SO"?

Is there a way to know the number of days I have hit reputation cap on ?
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When someone unaccepts your answer after initially accepting it, it looks like the net change is -15, but it's actually 0

Today, I answered a question and it was accepted. I saw the +15 in my reputation-by-time view. Shortly thereafter, they accepted someone else's question, and I saw the -15 in the reputation-by-time ...
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Loss of reputation when answer unaccepted

Today I anwsered a question Loopback/Localhost Question. My answer didn't get accepted, no biggy the question got answered and person who asked it was happy. However my day's reputation (on Stack ...
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