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What should I do when the bounty expired but none of the answers really solves the problem?

I have this question on Stack Overflow with a bounty that expired a few hours ago: WCAG: Firefox and Edge don't show outline on focussed input elements when styles are applied Currently there are ...
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How to un-auto-award a bounty to an answer that didn't solve my problem? [duplicate]

I recently received a message telling me "Your bounty on question "How to dynamically inject a service using a runtime "qualifier" variable?" has expired - answer auto-selected." But how ...
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How do I dispute the auto-award of a bounty on a question on Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

My question did not get a true answer. Half of my bounty was auto-awarded to an unhelpful answer. How do I dispute that? Ref: Jenkins Declarative Pipeline - want to get path to Jenkinsfile in use
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Bounties on questions without answers shouldn't start counting down until the first answer is posted, but still only stay featured for seven days [duplicate]

I think I understand How does the bounty system work? when no answers get posted: What happens if there's no answer after the bounty period? If, after the end of the bounty period, a question has no ...
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Can I avoid awarding the bounty out?

So in the same vein that accepting an answer does, awarding bounties should follow, more or less, the same logic. When a user accepts an answer, they do so because whatever was in that answer helped ...
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