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Removing bounty from answers that are not worthy? [duplicate]

I have created a bounty on a question. None of the answers I believe are adequate because they do not address my questions. My problem has been asked many times before so I was kind enough to link ALL ...
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No answers deserve bounty [duplicate]

I posted a question a few days ago which I assigned a bounty to. One of the answerers didn't seem to have basically any idea what he was talking about and the other misread the question, so neither of ...
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There should always be a way to intervene and stop a bounty from being auto-awarded [duplicate]

Auto-selecting answer for rewards is really annoying This question had no good answers so I set a bounty on it. It received one new answer that was completely irrelevant, and that was auto-selected. ...
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Reputation bounties by upvotes [duplicate]

I don't think that the current implementation of reputation bounties is good. There is a good chance that after assigning a bounty to a question one doesn't receives any useful information at all and ...
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change the bounty system [duplicate]

I've had some unlucky bounty questions(unlucky means I didn't find the answer), but now my reputation has gone to someone his answer didn't help, in fact it sometimes went to someone who has answered ...
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Got no real answers to my bounty question, but the bounty was auto-awarded to a non-answer [duplicate]

I had a question with 100 bounty that had one answer - and it was a complete non-answer. I was pretty shocked to see this answer got the bounty automatically. Is there a way to prevent this? edit:...
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The current review system encourages fake reviews; some people upvote everything rather than actually fixing problems

I went to a Late Answers review queue that had four items in it and started reviewing the first one by editing it into shape rather heavily. By the time I was done, someone else had reviewed the ...
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How does the bounty system work?

It's possible to offer and award bounties of reputation on questions. What is a bounty? How can I find questions that have a bounty attached? How do I start a bounty? When can I start a bounty? Why ...
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Lost reputation after answering my own question with bounty [duplicate]

Timeline: Asked a question, no (interesting) answers for two weeks Set bounty on it this morning Found the answer to my question two hours later. Answered my own question. Bounty reputation is ...
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I just awarded myself a bounty

Something weird just happened, I awarded myself the bounty for Create a tag homepage/FAQ And now my wonderful 50 point bounty is totally gone, nowhere to see My expected behavio[u]r was: I started ...
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Do not implicitly award bounty to an answer that has been downvoted by the investor

Sometimes you start a bounty and, since the problem is difficult and people try to reach the bounty, there is higher probability than usual that you get very low quality answers. Sometimes these ...
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Point out that bounties are non-refundable

Plenty of people inquire on Meta about getting their bounty back; the latest case was today. I was surprised to find that there is indeed no mention of bounties' non-refundability during the actual ...
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Revisit - Allow a bounty to go un-awarded. No winner

I'm raising this again because I now have a question I would dearly like to find an answer to, with one totally wrong answer awarded a bounty. I would prefer to be able to delete the entire question ...
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How do I ensure a poor answer doesn't get bounty if it's the only answer? [duplicate]

I feel like someone made a comment as an answer on a question with a bounty just so they could reap the "auto bounty" since they are the only answer on it. I've flagged the bad/useless answer (as a ...
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In what cases does a user get 5 reputation points for an up-vote on an answer?

I am looking at this answer, and checked what other up-votes the user got on the profile page, and noticed a 5 reputation up-vote.
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