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We should be able to close questions as duplicates of any question

Today, the behavior of duplicate close votes was changed so that a question can only be a duplicate close vote target if it has an upvoted or accepted answer. I think that this change is not a good ...
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What are the guidelines for reviewing?

About reviewing The review queues contain posts that possibly need further action from the community, like improvement, closure, or deletion. By presenting those posts for peer-review, the system aims ...
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Changes to "close as duplicate"

As you may have noticed, Jarrod's been hacking away at some design changes to the "close as duplicate" UI. These are the first fruits of some discussions we've been having internally ...
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Wording of "possible/exact duplicates" when closing the question

When marking question for "duplicate", the reason in dialog window is "exact duplicate", yet when the process is completed there's a comment added that says "possible duplicate". Maybe those two ...
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Does the new guidance on duplicate questions suggest closing a question as duplicate, if the original answers the OP's question?

In other words, should we now look at the content of the answers when we are evaluating questions for possible duplication? Is it sufficient to say "Your answer can be found in this question over ...
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Change wording of "Exact Duplicate"? [duplicate]

I like the UI and the cleanliness of the Stack Exchange sites, but one thing that bugs me is the wording of the notification that something is a duplicate. I have had many questions closed because ...
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New "marked as duplicate" function breaks reopen reviews?

Related to this and this. Now, when reviewing reopen votes on questions closed as duplicates, I've got no link anywhere to the question that the closed question is a duplicate of (i.e. the "...
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Why are there different texts for duplicate questions?

I came across this question and saw a different duplicate text from what it usually is: Possible duplicate: {link} And I randomly picked another duplicate question from the front page, where the ...
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"please ask another question" in duplicate banner [duplicate]

Shouldn't the "please ask a new question" be "edit your question to make the differences clear"? That's what the established process has been for a while now -- "don't repost closed questions; edit ...
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Closing for exact duplicate - does the duplicate have to have an answer too?

I just noticed, if you vote to close a question because of exact duplicate, the text states This question has been asked before and already has an answer. It's the second part of that statement that ...
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Discrepancy in duplicate messages, including the inability to edit the duplicate list [duplicate]

I had always seen questions that are closed as duplicates with the following message at the top of the post: This question already has an answer here: [link to existing question] X answers Here is a ...
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