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Let's stop displaying a user's accept rate

My feature request (or anti-feature-request perhaps) is the following: Let's stop displaying a user's accept rate. For those of you who know "Fawlty Towers", the whole issue of a visible accept rate ...
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Can the Accept-rate "feature" be replaced with something else? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicates: Isn’t the “accepted answer” feature overly visible? Will the “Accept rate” score encourage unwanted behavior? A reason this feature is bad is ...
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Would it be useful to show people's "hit rate" - i.e. percentage of answers accepted?

Just out of idle curiosity I thought I'd check how many of my answers had been accepted. The only way I could see was to manually count. Would people be interested in seeing this as a statistic on ...
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Can there be an option to allocate rep from any site account for offering a bounty?

I think it would be useful if we had an option when deciding to open a bounty on a question that we could choose to allocate rep from one site even though the bounty is being offered on another site. ...
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Will the new Acceptance Rate tracking lead to accepting bad answers? [closed]

I've noticed that since Atwood & Co. introduced the new Acceptance Rate tracking, people have been in a mad dash to try and raise up their acceptance rate. This has been especially noticable for ...
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Has the “Accept rate” score encouraged unwanted behavior?

Hindsight on acceptance percentage related to the hypothesizing seen in this question: Will the “Accept rate” score encourage unwanted behavior?. I've had a couple of accepted answers now where it ...
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Green-Yellow-Red Accept Rate Indicators

There are many questions on Meta with people essentially saying "I don't have an acceptable answer to several challenging questions and therefore my Accept Rate is low." Several comments indicate ...
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Accept Rate badge

Engaged - Member for 6 months of greater with an accept rate of 90% or higher Married - Member for 1 year+ with an accept rate of 90 or higher Bronze/silver maybe. This way new users may see some ...
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Accepting answers - just to keep my accept rate at 100%

I find myself often accepting answers, even if no appropriate one is available, just to keep my accept rate at 100%. Is there a better way? (Deleting question?) Or should I just wait longer (put a ...
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Want to flag for deletion - cannot, want to flag for moderator, cannot

I want to delete Please help test a CORS issue in Firefox jQuery ajax when 401 Cannot delete since it has answers (which did not answer the question and just cost bounty) Cannot flag a mod since it ...
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Accept Rate vs Answers received [closed]

Many people have explained that they are reluctant to answer questions with a low accept rate. Some are happy sharing their minimum accept rate, others go by feel on a case by case basis, and some ...
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Would you do away with the 100% acceptability status under the SO accounts?

The point should be about the answering of questions not the likelyhood for an easy question for rep.
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