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How do I properly use the "Not an Answer" flag?

What is the "Not an Answer" flag and what is its purpose? When should I use this flag? When should I not use this flag? But I'm still not sure if I'm using the flag correctly... An answer is ...
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Should I flag answers which contain only a link as "not an answer"? [duplicate]

More than often I get a lot of itch when I see an answer which contains only a link. For example this one. Check this link, it will solve your query..
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The limits to a Very Low Quality answer

I was rereading Jeff Atwood's answer to the question: Is the Very Low Quality flag too ambiguous? mainly because today I wanted to use that flag for the first time. Quoting him, this flag means that: ...
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Making sure the "Not an answer" flag is used for non-answers

Suddenly, the number of outstanding flagged answers went up. It used to be lower than that. I was reviewing them, and it occurred to me that I see invalid "not an answer" flags more often than I ...
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Is it forbidden to use "Other" flag for link-only answers? [duplicate]

I flagged an answer 10K only link that looked like this: This is not my article but have a look at <external URL> which looks like it will work for you. I used the "Other" flag, with a ...
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Why was this 'not-an-answer' flag declined? [duplicate]

I flagged this answer as Not An Answer (NAA), because while this does point the OP in the direction of the correct answer, the answer as written should be a comment. In the event the answer gets ...
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Please change the guidance for "convert to comment" to emphasize that this should only be used for comments posted as answers

Moderators have long had access to a tool for converting answers into comments. The guidance for this tool reads as follows: Answers should be converted to comments when they contain useful ...
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A flag was declined

A couple of hours ago, a comment I flagged as "too chatty" was declined. The whole post is deleted and only 10K+ users can see it now. So here's the screen shot of the post and the comment I flagged. ...
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When should I delete an answer?

In When should I vote to delete a question?, we only cover questions. When should 20k users vote to delete answers? Should this be discussed on a site-by-site basis? Why?
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Your answer is in another castle Part 2: can we stop the confusion about NAA flags and posts that tackle a different question from the one posted?

DISCLAIMER: This is not yet another post trying to discuss what NAA posts are and / or answers to different questions are NAA. What this post is trying to do is to find a way to stop people for having ...
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Stupid audits (again)

This audit is just flat out stupid. It is a valid answer with a code example and good reasoning, although it may not be the right one from a technical perspective, but: THAT IS NOT THE POINT OF ...
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When is an answer not an answer?

Whilst reviewing answers I came across an answer that was several paragraphs long and I imagine that without reading it there are those who might consider it to be ok and happily move on to the next ...
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Why was this an incorrect use of the non-an-answer flag

On this question the OP wants a general printing out a pyramid. Their current solution works but it is hard coded to only work for six values. This answer then repeats the OP's code so that it will ...
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Should answer be flagged as NAA if the OP has already stated they don't want to use that solution?

Imagine the following situation: User X has a question. Being a frequent user of SE, he knows that he should always to do some research before asking his question, just in case his question has ...
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