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Formatting Sandbox

Notes: Answers will occasionally be moved to the Sandbox archive when there are too many of them. When using them to report bugs, keep an eye on the post. You may also want to take a look at the ...
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How do I revert an edit to my question? [duplicate]

Someone else edited my question inappropriately (IMO). What is the right way to revert their changes? There is a Rollback link for all the other revisions in the history but not for the top one, just ...
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FAQ for Stack Exchange sites

Community FAQ For sites in the Stack Exchange 2.0 network To see a list of commonly used words and phrases, see the glossary. For official guidance from Stack Exchange, visit the Help Center. Asking ...
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What are the badges I can earn on each site, and what are the exact criteria for earning each badge?

Formerly List of all badges with full descriptions. What are badge name's requirements? Why didn't I get badge name (right now)? Which badges can I earn multiple times? Jump to: Question Badges ...
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Why does the Community user approve and reject edits?

Why does the Community user sometimes approve or reject edits? How does a machine know if my edit is valid? What does it mean if my edit was rejected by Community? See also: Who is the ...
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Flagging question edits [duplicate]

From where can I flag edits made by a user with enough score to do so, but which not only do not contribute anything new to the question but also modify the meaning of it or vandalize it?
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Could we be permitted to provide a reason for rolling back?

I just had an occasion where someone reformatted the code in my question, not because it was ill-formatted, but to match his preferred style. I would have liked to be able to type a reason for rolling ...
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Why does a suggested edit without any rejections get classified as ... a rejected edit?

I suggested an edit (for the tag wiki and the tag excerpt) for the special tag [untagged], on the Super User site. The first reviewer of both of these suggested edits approved my suggestion. But later ...
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How do suggested edits work?

When clicking "edit" I see: Your edit will be placed in a queue until it is peer reviewed. We welcome edits that make the post easier to understand and more valuable for readers. Because ...
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Can I prevent others from editing my question?

George Stocker edited my question, What unspecified functionality do you put in your software? where I specifically said that our software sending back stacktrace to one of our servers was a user-...
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Undo a revision [duplicate]

I was just curious, if I make an edit, then realize that my edit made a question or answer to be incorrect: is there a way to revert back to the original other than editing it again, back to the ...
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Reject an already-approved suggested edit when rolling it back

The content of this post has been sanitized in response to anonymous feedback that the formatting was making it completely unreadable by assistive technology (AT). I strongly value making content ...
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How to interact with a moderator in this/other sites (technical/specific instructions)

How can I interact with a moderator? what specific actions are available for interacting with moderators, and how (literally, which page do I go to, what do I click on, etc) to perform these? ...
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Do rollbacks count toward edit-related badges

In What kind of edits contribute to the editor badges?, it's made clear that rollbacks do not count as edits; that is, they don't contribute toward the Editor -> Strunk & White -> Copy ...
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Sandboxing the FAQ for Stack Exchange sites to make it international

The content was taken from the rev. 233 of FAQ for Stack Exchange sites to test an idea shared on a comment to my answer to Help develop the site and community knowledge base in your language. The ...

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