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how to accept or reject review? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How does editing work? I want to know how I can accept or reject reviews of my questions or answers? I can see my question has been reviewed or edited but I found nowhere to ...
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How to restrict someone from editing my post?

I had recently asked a question on Stack Overflow and a few people had edited my question which was distorting the information provided by me. How can I restrict a post to be edited by others?
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What should be done when a user edit a question to remove it?

I answered a question and the user accepted my answer but then he edited the question to replace it with... something that is not a question. Should I edit back the question? (Although in this ...
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Review a suggested edit to my post so that I can accept or decline it [duplicate]

I think there should be a way for the user to review and accept the Edit from someone else. If I am willing to ask a question for example, if somebody else hasn't understood it, edited the question ...
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Where is the text string "edit rollback" used in the system?

I found this sentence in Transifex: followed question — edit rollback What does "edit rollback" mean in that context?
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Discard a suggested edit before it's accepted in peer review [duplicate]

Should there be an option to discard an suggested edit to a question or answer before it is accepted in peer review? I saw a badly formatted and non-edited question, edited it and saved my changes ...
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Flagging question edits [duplicate]

From where can I flag edits made by a user with enough score to do so, but which not only do not contribute anything new to the question but also modify the meaning of it or vandalize it?
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Can other users revert the edit of the original poster?

I stumbled across this question where the original poster edited her own question to replace the entire content of the question with multiple "delete" words. This change has been reverted by another ...
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Rolling back not really rolling back?

I've just edited my post and I saw this in the corner: I did not receive the rollback badge for this. But how can it display me it will be a rollback, but it won't count for a rollback?
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Please reword the "rollback" link

In a post's revision history, every time I go to rollback an edit, I have to scroll up and down to figure out whether the link means "rollback this revision" or "rollback to this revision" (eventually ...
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Sandboxing the FAQ for Stack Exchange sites to make it international

The content was taken from the rev. 233 of FAQ for Stack Exchange sites to test an idea shared on a comment to my answer to Help develop the site and community knowledge base in your language. The ...
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When one does a rollback, please make it more obvious how to include a comment [duplicate]

Edit history "rollback" links don't allow you to leave a comment. There are ways to leave a comment while reverting a post, but they're not obvious. Please make it more obvious how to ...
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How to reverse a bad suggested edit?

Is there a way (besides going back and editing a post to where it was before) to reverse a suggested edit that is incorrect? In some cases, I could see going back and editing taking time if there are ...
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What is a "rollforward" [closed]

What is a 'rollforward' on Stack Exchange sites? I haven't seen this mentioned but I do understand the term. As for each OP of a question or answer there is the "rollback" option (FAQ here).....
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What can I do if I delete part of a question by mistake?

There was a SO question with bad indented code. I edited it and it seems like (maybe, I'm not sure) I deleted a part of the question when edited it (I've cut, edited and pasted). So how do I see the ...
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