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How can we make First Posts review actually useful?

There's now a feature-request based on this discussion; see: Let's have an explicit triage system for questions from new users I'm about fed up with the First Posts review queue. Oh, it was a ...
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logic behind review functionality [duplicate]

Since I discovered the review functionality, once in a while I have a look in and try to give my contribution in doing review tasks. Generally, there are from 0 to max. 10 First Posts, which can be ...
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Have first posts include more than just the first post [duplicate]

So I saw this post (which is, to say the least, way off topic). The user who posted it has 1 reputation with no questions or answers, so I assume one or more of his/her questions has already been ...
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Propose a privilege to sit in the 500 reputation mark

As determined from earlier discussions, the retag privilege serves a lot more confusion and a lot less of its benefit due to the suggested edit system. It must be done away with. It will be done away ...
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The time of automatic review bans should be increased with every new ban

The way the current auto-bans for reviews work is rather suboptimal. Somebody who's really after the badges and doesn't care whether they're banned for two days can just continue clicking through, ...
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What can be done about the massive Close Votes queue on Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

There are (at the time of writing this; see edits at bottom of post) 54.2k questions with close votes on the review page on Stack Overflow. Unlike the other review tasks, which all usually return to 0 ...
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Drop delay for "Skip" and increase it for "action" review buttons

On some review items, I would like to skip them right away, but the skip button is disabled for some time. Would it be possible not to disable the skip button? For example, when reviewing questions ...
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"New user in trouble" review queue?

We probably all agree that when a new user gets into trouble - seeing their question downvoted or closed - it's great if someone experienced leaves a verbose comment explaining what went wrong, ...
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Broaden the qualifications for a First Post or a Late Answer

From a reviewer standpoint, as I understand it, a post qualifies as a First Post if it is the first question or answer ever posted by a user, and a Late Answer is similarly a first post, but also ...
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First Post / Late Answer Robo-Review Solutions

I would like to suggest a couple changes in the First Post/Late Answer review process. 1. Rework the Reviewer and Steward badges to something more like this: Completed at least 250/1,000 constructive*...
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Encourage users to edit first posts, with a badge

We should be encouraging the First Posts reviewers to improve the posts they are reviewing. After all, that's the point of review. There are currently several options available to First Posts ...
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Reputation for close votes

Since I have the right to vote to close questions while reviewing I observe that the number of "Close Votes"-questions is raising. Why not getting reputation for voting to close? For example for 5 ...
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Filtering the good homework from the bad

You all know the problem, trying to eliminate the bad homework stuff and keep the good. I code off and on and my personal website has a filter on every input box to eliminate the stuff I don't want ...
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