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Apparent moderator script vandalizes post [duplicate]

This edit was apparently done by a moderator user named "Community" and appears to be robot vandalism. I can T written ints 1 ...
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Using the "flag" loophole to pass every review audit

My question pertains to the review audits that occasionally appear when using the "review" feature on Stack Overflow. I know that if you fail too many of these audits, your reviewing privileges can be ...
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Please stop showing review audits for suggested edits to Moderators

Please stop showing audits to Moderators. I'm not referring to all users, just Diamond Moderators. We see so much crap while cleaning, we don't need the extra round of crap just make the system go - "...
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What if a bogus suggested edit was credited to you?

It seems audit suggested edits are credited to real users1. For example, I was recently presented with two audits; coincidently, I rejected an apparently legit edit suggestion by the same user ...
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I just failed a reopen audit despite having an opinion that this question should actually be closed

Audit in question is this: This question was shown as closed for being Too Localized. Now don't get me wrong here, I haven't used the entity framework ...
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How did a user who was not online for x hours propose a suggested edit in the last n minutes?

I rejected the following suggested edit because it looks like vandalism. I actively participate in ssis and I know it is an inappropriate edit. ...
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Please don't use comments containing vulgarities for suggested edit review audits

I come across this comment while reviewing a suggested edit audit: I don't think system-generated messages should contain such language. Can they be chosen more carefully, please?
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Upvotes on passed review audits disappear

I upvoted a review audit that I passed, but after I was told that I passed, the upvote I cast disappeared. Shouldn't upvotes on passed review audits like this remain?
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Review testing questions are too obvious

I was reviewing today and noticed a couple of tests, I knew they were tests because Community raised them. The tests are great and I agree 100% with "kicking blatant abusers out of the queues ...
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Is there something wrong with 'Community'? [duplicate]

I was reviewing some edits when I came across this edit by Community (you know, this 1 reputation moderator NPC acccount). It seems to be spam: P.S.: I tagged this 'support' because I didn't think ...
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Suggested Edit audits don't out themselves as audits [duplicate]

Whenever you pass a review audit of the five posts queues, you get one of that heart-warming messages, telling you how awesome you are for actually paying attention and not just clicking No Action ...
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Should the user's name be shown as part of review audits, or some other non-confusing alternative?

I was shown the below answer as part of "First Post" reviews. The name was shown as a different user, with a recent timestamp, and with 0 upvotes. Though,...
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