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Stop inserting invisible characters into comments [duplicate]

Currently, the SE system inserts invisible characters (U+200C and U+200B) into text in comments if there's a "word" longer than 60 characters long, to force a break to preserve the layout. This is by ...
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Bug: \u200b and \u200c characters added to code snippet in comment [duplicate]

See this comment in the Stack Exchange sandbox. I quote it here: Have a look at this JS code: document.body.removeChild(document.body.appendChild(document.createElement('style'))); If you manually ...
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Weird invisible characters are automatically added to comments? [duplicate]

It seems invisible ZERO WIDTH SPACE (U+200B) characters are sometime inserted into comments. Specifically, in this comment, the first "/org/gnome/desktop..." string contains invisible characters, ...
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Why is there a zero-width non-joiner and a zero-width space in my comment? [duplicate]

In this comment… I did not type that. Where does it come from?
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Post Overflow

In replying to Text Alignment Problem on SO, hyperslug wondered what would happen if a non-breaking character string was added to a post. What he discovered is that unlike a code block which wraps ...
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Can we have click-to-close back, please?

The new pop-up message style is pretty, I guess, if you like making text smaller and smaller, but I don't find its "close" mechanism very functional. Previously, this notification would go away when ...
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🍌 count is wrong in "More to go" for comments

When you go to add a comment, the text incorrectly reads: enter at least 15 characters However, it does not enforce this, as only 8 characters are required. This can be readily demonstrated by ...
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Is there a CSS problem on Stack Overflow?

I was looking at an old post and when I expand the comments they spread way over everything on the right. Has anyone else experienced this problem? I see it in Firefox 4.01, Chrome 11.0.696.68, and ...
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Preventing word-breaking in flowed paragraphs

In questions and answers, I would sometimes like to keep a whole string together, to avoid what's happening to the string [![:print:]] here: Is there a trick to avoid breaking a short string? In ...
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How to post comment with multiple spaces in it?

I know how to do that in question or answer post. But how do I write a comment post which contains multiple spaces? I want to write this in a comment: print ("string") I tried: Using ``, but ...
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Can we stop breaking lines by inserting invisible stuff every 80 characters in chat messages?

So I raised a sock and ran a testing bot on it. Here's the start of the testing series. After some testing, I found out that SE is inserting invisible characters \u200c\u200b every 80 continuous ...
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Bounty cannot be awarded on a locked answer

I wanted to award a bounty of 50 rep to this answer because it's great. However, while I could start the bounty I was not able to award it since that answer is locked. It would be great if a ...
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Text overflow in quotes

Long words in quotes will overflow. See the first revision of this question for example: I think it would be better if overflow: scroll was set, ...
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Prevent wrapping of inline code

This is silly: Despite the potential for abuse along the nested-quotes lines, I think it would be a good idea to give inline code white-space: nowrap. (Actually, maybe white-space: pre.) It could ...
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Semi-colon Appended on File location in comment

I posted: /etc/selinux/targeted/contexts/files‌​/file_contexts/ as a comment on Server Fault but it came out as: /etc/selinux/targeted/contexts/files‌​7;file_contexts This seems like it may be ...
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