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Recent feature changes to Stack Exchange

This is an unofficial list/changelog of new features and various changes to Stack Overflow and the Stack Exchange network. It is maintained by the community, while a Stack Exchange employee changes ...
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Years in dates will now display with all four digits

We have released an update to the way in which we render dates in the UI across the network. Up until now, whenever a date that included the year was rendered (which would typically be for dates ...
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Mentioning year in the Questions tab of users

In the answers tab, the years(last and before) are mentioned, but in the Questions tab of users (not the Questions tab below the Home tab) , the year is mentioned only when the difference is 11 months....
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Show the whole date, even for posts from the current year

Background When a date is to be shown that is from this year it is shown as "Mar 12" for the "12th of March" rather than "Mar 12 '14". While the full form is not what I'm ...
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Show year in SEDE timestamps from previous year

Can we adjust the display behaviour of timestamps in SEDE so that it matches the general Stack Exchange behaviour (better)? On Stack Exchange, the year is shown if an action (post creation, latest ...
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When can I start seeing 2019 in the date?

I’ve noticed the obvious pattern from an edit in a question. First, it displays the number of hours, days etc. After a couple of days (?) it begins to display the actual date of posting. I seem to ...
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Timestamp on "others with this badge" page [duplicate]

I'm looking at the pages that show "others with this badge", such as this one: The time of day is of very little usefulness, and could probably be removed. The year is missing in some cases, and ...
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Add Year to Dates for Dates within 11 Months

Note: I know this is very similar to "Add year to question and answer dates.". I felt it deserved a separate question because I'm asking for a modification to the functionality requested in that ...
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How come the year doesn't show here?

Not sure if this question belongs here, but why doesn't the year for the June dates show up on this page?
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Introduce the new year gradually [duplicate]

It's a new year (Gregorian). As it's the 1st January everything that was posted over "2 days ago" now includes the year in the timestamp. Although it is technically last year, including the year ...
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Add year to question and answer dates

Seeing as how SO's one year anniversary is coming soon, question and answer dates are going to need to display the year.