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Can we have the ability to undo up or downvotes on meta regardless of when you voted? [duplicate]

Can we make it so people can undo up or down votes regardless of time voted? I want this feature request only on the meta sites. Can we do this? If not, why? This would be helpful because sometimes ...
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Should we be able to change our votes more freely on a meta site? [duplicate]

On a meta site, votes are intended to imply agreement with the question/answer. In contrast, votes are intended to imply quality, on the general site. Overall, when we cast a vote, we have a brief ...
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Don't throw away all votes when a user is deleted

Currently, when a moderator deletes a user all of the user's votes are removed along with the user themselves. I was pretty surprised at this behaviour when I first heard about it, and I don't think ...
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How is consensus determined on Meta sites?

On our main sites "the best answer" is somewhat fluidly defined as the superposition of the highest voted answer and the accepted answer. Truth be told, the system is rather insistent on ...
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What can cause a question to be bumped?

What can cause a question to be "bumped" to the first page in the Active tab of a Stack Exchange site? (Changing the "Last Active" date.) Return to FAQ Index.
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Idea behind "Your vote is now locked in unless this answer is edited" [duplicate]

I've found many questions here regarding this 'feature' and many answers explaining how it works, but none showing any 'philosophical' concept behind it. i.e., why is it here? Is it helping to make ...
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What is the justification for locking votes?

Why am I not allowed to change my vote after some period of time? There are times when I go back to things I voted on, and decide they didn't deserve that specific vote. (I get wiser as I grow older)
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Disallow voting from accounts which are pending deletion?

If a user's account is scheduled for deletion (i.e. they've submitted a formal request for account deletion, but the button hasn't actually been pressed yet), can they be prevented from voting? I can'...
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Let me preview an edit so that it appears with the same style as revisions

I am editing a question and would like to preview my changes prior to saving. I can see how the page will look and can optionally hide this preview. However, I would like to see the actual changes ...
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What happens to positively received meta feature requests? [duplicate]

I recently added two positively received feature requests to this meta site: Don't lock votes on Meta sites Categorized views in past flags (helpful/declined/disputed) On a given moment, these ...
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Allow you to change upvotes to downvotes after adding comment [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Allow me to change my vote if I discover an answer is wrong after I upvote it A few times I see an answer that upon reading seems to be exactly what I want -- the perfect ...
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Rep Gain/Lose on Per-Site Metas

There are quite a few questions floating around asking about earning/losing rep on per-site metas. Some of them are marked as duplicates to this question:
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Should we be retaining a user's opinion in meta if they delete their account?

As confirmed by Shog9, votes may be retained on the meta sites, if a user deletes their profile for that Stack Exchange site. This originates from another post, where a user has brought up various ...
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Why must upvotes be locked?

I agree about down-voting due to gaming, but I don't see the reason on up-voting. Can any one game the system with up-voting?
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Have a mod tag that removes vote locks from child meta posts

Note: I've seen similar posts to this, but I haven't seen anything such as a feature request in my searches. However, this in a sense expands on Camil Staps post, which is found here: Don't lock ...
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