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Is sock puppetry really that hard to handle?

I, like many other new users, struggle to get enough reputation do contribute in a way that fits us, like upvoting and providing helpful comments (one example here). One argument for the limits is ...
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What exactly is retagging?

What is retagging? I have an idea but not quite sure: When to retag? What needs retagging? What is manual retagging? Who can or cannot retag? I tried to search for the answer, but interestingly ...
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How can I ask additional question to given answer without reputation

Somebody already asked my question. The answer has a nice example. When I try, only part of it works. How can I ask further question? Comment needs reputation. I'm new.
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Is a suspicion of strategic down voting flag worthy?

I've got strong suspicions that a particular user is regularly strategically down-voting competing answers that appear on questions he's answered (the answers in question are equal, if not always ...
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Posting a late, very detailed, answer

I know it's a bit whiny post a comment about it, but I've spent the last 1½ hours writing an alternative solution and proving that it is far better performance-wise. Now, over more than an hour has ...
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Why are poor quality Regex questions so quickly answered?

I've noticed that most low effort, low quality, fish begging answers are met with a deserving "what have you tried?", while low effort, low quality regex questions are rarely met with the same ...
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Earning reputation when approaching new privileges

This may just be paranoia but it always seems to me that as I reach new privileges, reputation becomes scarce. It almost makes me suspicious that fellow Stackonians are reserving their up votes for ...
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Voting - Primarily a reward for the user or a sorting/correctness method?

After reading a few questions like this one, I was wondering what the primary aim of an upvote should be: To reward the answerer for a good response, or to drive the "best" answer(s) to the top of ...
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Why was this comment flag declined?

I flagged this comment as 'Not Constructive' but it was declined. Was it wrong to flag it? Is this a constructive comment? Should I "relax" and understand that heavily upvoted and humorous content is ...
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Earning more reputation by cheating is much easier? [closed]

First I would like to clarify some points: I'm raising an issue (reporting a bug) about the Stack Overflow politics for reputation. I'm not interested in being a member of Stack Overflow (never was, ...
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Strategy for reputation [closed]

I was wondering if anyone is interested in sharing their strategies for gaining reputation. Here are some specifics: Assuming one has a few favorite tags, should he focus on one, or all? Should one ...
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How to increase StackOverflow reputation with just 2-3 hours to spare? [closed]

I am a StackOverflow user for almost two years(Proud to be so). But my reputation has not been increasing much. It is 3083 at present. Although I know why that is so. I don't find enough time to go ...
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The info about who deleted what and when is gone

I can only reproduce this at EL&U because I don't have 10K elsewhere. It could be a problem elsewhere. Yesterday a deleted answer had a little note saying who deleted it and when: Today that ...
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How can I cheat the reputation system?

I have been a full stack web developer and have been using computers for most of my life. I use these Stack Exchange websites a lot, to get answers, as they say, and indeed they are right! I get ...
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Am I missing out on potential answers by voting up early half-decent answers to my question?

I recently asked a question on Stack Overflow regarding how the .hgignore file for Mercurial should look for an Android project in Eclipse. I believe the question is fairly simple (although not for me,...
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