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Block user to vote other answers of the questions when has provided already an answer

I want to know what do you think about the possibility to block up and downvoting of other answers at the same question where you has already provided an answer. This because there are so many users ...
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What are the recommended activities for a new user, such as for asking for more info on a question or an answer? [duplicate]

Related questions: New user not able to comment (answer gets catch-22). What am I supposed to do as a newbie if I want more info on a question? How does a new user begin using Stack Overflow/Stack ...
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How to avoid malicious ratings? [duplicate]

I am having a few serious problems with Stack Overflow that's calling into question the suitability of Stack Exchange as a whole. When I ask a specific to-the-point question which ONLY ...
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Should you be allowed to downvote the competition? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: The answer to tactical downvoting problem? I was reading this post on hacker news. In particular people seemed to be very discouraged about idea they are getting downvotes by ...
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Why do Stack Exchange URLs expand to include an additional fragment to the route?

A Stack Exchange question URL has the form: A Stack Exchange user profile URL also has a similar form: However,...
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Add global notifications for rejected edits (No, I don't mean the edit warning prompt)

There is a clear desire for global notifications when an edit is rejected. While there is a warning for rejected edits, it's not the same thing. I don't believe this is a duplicate of "Decision on ...
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How to gain reputation on Stack Exchange? [duplicate]

I would love to comment on & participate in discussion on the various Stack Exchange sites, but I don't have enough reputation. The one I have the most reputation on ( has ...
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What should you learn to get good scores on your answers? [closed]

It is quite obvious that votes on Stack Overflow are not distributed equally. Depending on the topic a good (not great) answer might score between 0 and 20 votes. So, out of curiosity - which are the ...
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Minimum rep to edit an answer? [duplicate]

Here on Meta, I was able to edit an answer, without it going to a review queue, even though I only have 268 rep here. However, on Spanish SE Beta, I have 800 rep and my edits go to the review queue. ...
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Sweet spot for StackOverflow reputation (in which range do you acquire most points?)

If I'd like to get most reputation points possible - to immediately spend them as bounty on my programming questions - what would be the best range to be in? For example 1000-2000 seems to be better ...
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Suggested edits unlock votes on old posts

TL;DR: Suggested edits shouldn't unlock votes on a post until they are approved. Votes on posts get locked in after a certain time. The reason given for this behavior is to prevent tactical ...
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How do you choose the questions you like to answer or are interested in?

I'm interested in how do people go about the site. Not when you want to ask a question because that's obvious. I'm talking about how you go through the questions. Maybe you want to build up your ...
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On which site is it easier to earn reputation? [closed]

From my experience, it's fairly easy to earn 200 reputation a day on Stack Overflow if you write a few decent answers. Meanwhile, it's incomprehensibly hard to earn 200 rep on Android Enthusiasts a ...
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Is building up reputation on Stack Overflow to up- and down-vote worth it? [duplicate]

I am a junior developer and visit Stack Overflow multiple times a day to get answers on all sorts of development topics; however I do not have enough reputation to say if comments are helpful or not. ...
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How to improve feedback to other/new users?

As a newbie I'm struggling with a lot of new things of Stack Overflow and other sites. How to get reputation is one topic, where I found this interesting post and this one. Apart from that, it is ...
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