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What is the best way to increase my reputation and privileges? [duplicate]

I'm not sure if this is a stupid question, but here goes anyway... I have only recently started learning PHP and Javascript and I'm reasonably proficient. One of the reasons I'm so proficient is ...
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Obvious one: Fastest way to get reputation on SO? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: 6 Simple Tips to Get Stackoverflow Reputation Fast Admit it: you've asked this to yourself before. So, do you know the answer? edit: OK, so this question is a duplicate of ...
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How do I score points on Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

I consider myself a good programmer and want to answer questions on Stack Overflow. But, all valid answers are posted within five minutes of questions being posted. I admire the enthusiasm of the ...
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How can I get reputation? I can't seem to gain any [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: 6 simple tips to get Stack Overflow reputation fast What is the best way to increase my reputation and privileges? I usually look over the tags for c++ and java, but they ...
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What's the best way to gain reputation points on Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

I'm relatively new to this site and love it! I want to contribute, but I can't until I get more reputation points. What is the best way to legitimately gain reputation points here on Stack Overflow?
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How to gain reputation more rapidly on Stack Overflow [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: 6 simple tips to get Stack Overflow reputation fast I'm just wondering: how can I raise my Stack Overflow reputation at faster pace? Any useful tips from the masters?
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How to get reputation on Stack Overflow [duplicate]

I think is great, and I would like to contribute. Usually, I find the answers to my questions are already there. I'd like to upvote the best answers and questions, but I do not have ...
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How can I start being a useful member of this community? [duplicate]

I understand that the rules are very strict, and should be as such, so how can I start off successfully and become a useful member of the community? The advice of experienced members would be welcome....
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How do I go about obtaining 20 reputation points in one day? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: 6 simple tips to get Stack Overflow reputation fast What’s the best way to boost my Stack Overflow score? How do I go about obtaining 20 reputation points in one day? I am ...
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I cannot get started [duplicate]

I am new to Stack Exchange. Math and physics newsletters get to my inbox every Thursday, and every Thursday there are 5-day-old answers to questions as I read them for the first time. Too often a ...
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How do I get 5 reputation points? [duplicate]

How do I get started? If you need 5 points to answer a question why do you need to ask needless questions to get 5 points?
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How do I earn more reputation and faster? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: 6 simple tips to get Stack Overflow reputation fast Efficient reputation strategy How do I earn more reputations and faster? (Like by asking questions, answering questions, ...
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How can I gain rep? [duplicate]

I always get down-votes for my questions (also one of question is closed too) because people don't realize that my knowledge of programming is not very strong. I am a coding enthusiast and I would ...
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How to gain rep (new users)? [duplicate]

Seems like a stupid question, but I'm after a nice solid answer if possible. I joined SO a while ago to ask the odd question, but recently I'm starting to use it more often. I've been reviewing the ...
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Struggling to gain rep 'points' and unable to actually help the community [duplicate]

I'm trying to gain rep by adding to questions. Most of the questions I see have already been answered but adding to them as a comment would make the most sense as it's another added help. Also, ...
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What is the easiest way of increasing reputation on Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: 6 simple tips to get Stack Overflow reputation fast I want to increase my reputation on Stack Overflow, so I would impress my friends at work into join the site, but I haven't ...
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How can I increase my reputation if I can't answer and I can't vote? [duplicate]

I wasn't active on Stack Overflow for a long time. When I wanted to vote or to post for some question or to leave a comment I found that I have a low reputation. Unfortunately I didn't research a way ...
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How can I improve My reputation on Stack overflow? [duplicate]

I am new on this website. I have thirteen reputations on this website. I wants to ask that, how can I improve my reputations ? Sometimes I want to vote up for any question but website don't let me do ...
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What are the most efficient ways to earn reputation on StackOverflow? [duplicate]

I want to make 10k reputation in one month how do I do it? Do I have to stay day and night in front of the computer? What are the most efficient ways to earn reputation?
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easiest way to get reputation [duplicate]

What is the easiest way to get reputations? As you guys can see I have one reputation in Stack Exchange and also for Stack Overflow, and I want to learn how to get a lot of reputation.
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How to earn reputation on an established stack? [duplicate]

I just want to thumbs up a good answer, but I can't. I can't earn reputation because all conceivable simple questions have been asked and answered! Is there a way to usefully earn reputation on a ...
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Increasing reputation and badges? [duplicate]

What is the most effective way of increasing reputation and badges and how do users reach 29k or 40k in rep when rep is limited to 200 a day?
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Let's Plan the Second Iteration of the Stack Exchange Quality Project! [closed]

In case you missed the first one, check out the se-quality-project tag. The quality project isn't one that we plan to ever finish, it's perennial and kicks in every 18 months or so after we've had ...
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Please charge rep for questions after threshold

There was a suggestion on uservoice - now down, that really illustrate the need to stop users from gaming the system by simply asking meaningless, ridiculous question after question to gain rep. We ...
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What is the association bonus, and how does it work?

I was just awarded +100 reputation on all of my Stack Exchange accounts. What is this bonus for? It simply says "Association Bonus" on my reputation overview. Also: What privileges does the ...
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Stack Exchange Glossary - Dictionary of Commonly-Used Terms

What are the common phrases, words, abbreviations that are used on Stack Overflow, Server Fault, Super User, Meta Stack Overflow, and the other Stack Exchange sites? This is meant to be a very quick ...
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Did the Stack Exchange staff members assist in the apprehension of Ross Ulbricht?

The recent arrest of someone behind Silk Road is in the news today, he was arrested in a San Francisco public library. A couple of background articles here and here. To what extent, if any, did ...
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Is the fastest gun in the west solved?

Is the fastest gun in the west problem solved? Is it really a problem?
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Is Stack Overflow a type of game?

I hope this question isn't perceived the wrong way. I am sincerely interested in hearing some of your thoughts about the title of this post. Sometimes, answering a question on Stack Overflow is an ...
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When should I vote?

I have seen a few questions here on Meta Stack Exchange that cover parts of this, but they are often too local, and none of them seem to cover all the relevant scenarios. I will break it up ...
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Is Tactical Down-Voting ever valid?

Has anyone noticed any tactical downvoting of their, or other people, answers? For example, in a recent answer to a question, my answer described a possible solution. Shortly afterwards, another ...
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If you just witnessed tactical downvoting, is it a reportable offense?

I don't want to be like the little kid that got beat up at school and runs home crying to mommy, but I just got tactically downvoted in a question. Someone else posted a virtually identical answer to ...
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Join me in Welcoming Valued Associate #843: Rosie

I’m thrilled to be the first to introduce Rosie, our new Manager on the Community Management team. Rosie is joining us to be a part of the Community Operations team. In the past, she’s worked at ...
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Why there isn't reputation points for successful flagging?

By helping the site by flagging successfully (and therefore gaining higher flag weight), you typically inform that you are able to understand the system and be helpful. Similarly, when you are ...
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No gold badge for revival/necromancer/… pattern?

I recently answered a question that was several months old, and my answer was accepted. I thought this would earn me a badge, but upon looking, realised the badges were issued for upvoted answers, ...
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Efficient reputation strategy

What is an efficient strategy for increasing my reputation? Should I: 1. Focus on answering lots of questions, and hoping that my answers float up. 2. Focus on asking interesting questions. 3. Focus ...
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Why can't I change my vote if the post has been edited during the initial 5mn grace period?

I've just downvoted an anwser with a comment explaining my downvote, the poster edited his answer, but I can't revert my vote because "vote is too old to be changed unless post is edited" I think ...
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How does editing affect reputation? [duplicate]

I've seen a few posts on the topic of "How to Increase Your Reputation" (e.g. Six simple tips to get Stack Overflow reputation fast), which say that editing is an important reputation-affecting ...
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What should be done to people who downvote strategically?

In the infamous Six simple tips to get Stack Overflow reputation fast, some real bad advice was dished out in #2, Use Downvotes and Comments Strategically. The thing that really annoyed me was: If ...
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Positive correlation between reputation score and answer/question ratio?

I only recently learned about meta-stackoverflow and have now read over many questions and answers here. First off, let me say I do not make my employment by programming. I do biomedical research and ...
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Vote to delete answers

Why aren't answers held to the same rules as questions? Answers can only be flagged, or voted upon. We see many examples of new-to-Stack Overflow-users posting comments, questions, and follow-...
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Is this a workaround for being binned?

Check out this question. It was asked on Stack Overflow proper, then migrated to Meta, with the owner's not only approval, but desire. The owner had been previously binned here on Meta, and the ...
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Why is this post "locked" instead of removed?

This (old) post about how to gain rep fast by essentially being anti-community seems like it should have been removed long ago. Why has it been allowed to stay around all these years? I'm assuming it'...
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Proper way to use Stack Overflow

I been on Stack Overflow for about two years and am wondering if I am using it correctly (if there is a correct way to use it.) The way I use/view Stack Overflow is a place to search for answers....
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How should users start earning reputation?

I'm trying to become more active on stack exchange sites (specifically StackOverflow, but also ServerFault and Meta sites), but I'm having some trouble with it. I managed to get a small amount of ...
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Is sock puppetry really that hard to handle?

I, like many other new users, struggle to get enough reputation do contribute in a way that fits us, like upvoting and providing helpful comments (one example here). One argument for the limits is ...
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What exactly is retagging?

What is retagging? I have an idea but not quite sure: When to retag? What needs retagging? What is manual retagging? Who can or cannot retag? I tried to search for the answer, but interestingly ...
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How can I ask additional question to given answer without reputation

Somebody already asked my question. The answer has a nice example. When I try, only part of it works. How can I ask further question? Comment needs reputation. I'm new.
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Is a suspicion of strategic down voting flag worthy?

I've got strong suspicions that a particular user is regularly strategically down-voting competing answers that appear on questions he's answered (the answers in question are equal, if not always ...
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Posting a late, very detailed, answer

I know it's a bit whiny post a comment about it, but I've spent the last 1½ hours writing an alternative solution and proving that it is far better performance-wise. Now, over more than an hour has ...
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