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Is there a new "What have you tried?"

I found this question, which I downvoted because it does not show any research effort. I want to be a good citizen and I don't want to downvote without leaving a comment, but I don't want my comment ...
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"What have you tried" evasions

So apparently "What have you tried" comments are now disallowed: Comments can't contain that content. But this comment: And what have you tried? is accepted by the system – and has two ...
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Are educational comments good?

Often, users leave educational comments on questions and answers. What I mean are comments like: "This answer should be a comment. Please consider reading this post about the difference." &...
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"What have you tried" comments - to flag or not to flag?

In the spirit of removing What Have You Tried comments, I have been flagging them when I find them. However recently I find my flags are being declined. Two examples being: Select items from a List ...
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Users who have downvoted more than they have upvoted?

Am I the only one who sees this as really odd? It's a typical pattern on stackoverflow: Someone posts a question which is regarded as not helpful because they made some mistakes in posting the ...
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Results not shown when matching words are in "quotes"

If matching words are in quotes, the result is not shown: This search, "what have you tried" is:question (link), does not list "What have you tried" epidemic in the results. Same issue with ...
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How should I handle malformed questions? (Specifically those which prompt "what have you tried?")

I have often found questions which honestly do prompt the response "What have you tried?" I tried posting a link to, only to find that it had been blocked. At this point, I ...
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More attention needed to prevent non-constructive answers and comments [closed]

Lately, I have been getting a lot of critical responses to my questions, and absolutely no help whatsoever. Often users are responding with questions as to why I asked the question, and also links to ...
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Flagging variations on "what have you tried"

This is in relation to This Question, and I saw the comment What is the current regular expression used, and how does it not work as expected? Which might be a good comment in some cases, but the ...
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Does the prohibition on "what have you tried" apply to all Stack Exchange sites, or just Stack Overflow?

In "What have you tried" epidemic, a rule was established that short comments such as "what have you tried" (and similar) are banned. Does this rule apply to all Stack Exchange sites, or ...
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Improving question quality by requiring "what have you tried?" [closed]

I am here today to ask for a monumental change. A section that asks the user what they have tried I feel that question quality could improve dramatically and members can help others faster, rather ...
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The canned comments left by the Community user are less than helpful, in some cases [duplicate]

I've seen a few examples: A comment on a post about licensing on Software Engineering indicating that the post needs clarification. The post is clear enough to know that it is off-topic. Editing for ...
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QuickComments as 'What have you tried?' and 'What is your question?'

Sometimes we encounter questions that don't have a 'Question' in them and other times we get question but no code or any idea if the user tried anything or not. For that reason, moderators and ...
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Regex pattern for automatic removal of "what have you tried"

According to "What have you tried" epidemic, this four-word question has been banned from comments, and "comments that consist of little more than "what have you tried" can be deleted with a single ...
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New comment flag - "Too sarcastic"

Can we have a new flag for comments - "Too sarcastic"? Look at this question, for example, and the first comment: Compare textbox text with sql server name?. PO is new, looks like a beginner ...
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