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'User was deleted' removed too much of my reputation [duplicate]

I will get straight to the point: I lost 155 reputation because a user was removed. Now, my question isn't about why the user was deleted, it's actually about how to contact the administration to get ...
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Don't throw away all votes when a user is deleted

Currently, when a moderator deletes a user all of the user's votes are removed along with the user themselves. I was pretty surprised at this behaviour when I first heard about it, and I don't think ...
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What does "user was removed" mean and why did my reputation change because of it?

Message appearing when a user was removed. It seems I lost 1765 reputation points on Stack Overflow yesterday. The reason given in my history is "removed", with the description of User was ...
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5K reputation loss in one day. How BIG is that?

Up until yesterday, I had 8,120 reputation; now my profile reports 3,991 2,128. It makes me feel like crying and I hate that too. Is this the real reputation count logic of SO? I hate this. You don'...
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Massive user removal in one night?

I woke up this morning to find that I suffered a massive drop in reputation points across the network because lots of users had been removed. What happened to those users? Was there a database ...
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How did this curious undownvote pattern come about?

I got a heap of strange undownvotes yesterday: I'm wondering how this was possible. Were the downvotes not too old to be revoked? The original downvotes that were cancelled don't show up anywhere in ...
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What EXACTLY happens when I ask to delete my account?

I have meticulously read through similar questions, answers and their comments but I still do not understand how the deletion is done. From what I understand I email the customer service and then they ...
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Which users getting removed DON'T cause rep changes? (lost 1667 rep)

According to the help on users being removed, on how you lose rep for their upvotes being removed too: This removal occurs whenever a user is deleted, unless that user had a very high reputation ...
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Do we lose rep for an accepted answer if the OP account is deleted? [duplicate]

I appear to have the accepted answer to this question, and a rep audit on 7th December showed the +15 rep. But an audit today no longer shows this acceptance, even though the green tick displays when ...
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Reinstate the prior prevention against users deleting their accounts immediately if they've cast multiple votes

To provide context (again): For a long while, there's been a feature where users who request deletion of their accounts and meet certain criteria for low activity (currently, not having posted on the ...
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Getting Reputation for a deleted user? [duplicate]

Recently I noticed a drop of my reputation, when a user was removed. IIRC it was like: -2 User was removed -15 User was removed When I logged in today I noticed, that my reputation was back up again....
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Rep -100 due to user deletion (shouldn't this be -10?) [duplicate]

Today I noticed in my rep calculation a "-100 user was removed". I'm aware of the reason that votes on answers are rolled back if users who did the vote got removed. But that would account to only -10....
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