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Revoked mortarboard badge? [duplicate]

On May 30, 2011, I earned the Mortarboard badge. You can see it on my profile using the WayBack Machine. (I also commented on it in a meta post the day after I earned the badge.) I am wondering why ...
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If I hit the daily rep cap and then get downvoted, does it still count towards badges?

Say I hit the daily rep cap (with a great overhead, say 40 upvotes for answers, which would translate to 400 rep) and THEN get one downvote, then the day ends. At the end of the day I gained +198 rep. ...
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Proposed change to downvote calculations for fairness by intent

Why do the up-votes after reaching daily rep cap not contribute to compensate the subsequent down-votes? Doesn't upvotes received after getting voted down the rep-cap yield any reputation? These ...
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Observation about downvotes and epic/legendary badge

In the "unintended consequences" category, I've noticed that since the introduction of the Epic/Legendary badge, I now avoid downvoting unless one of the following is true: I am at less than 200 ...
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Bad notification for the Mortarboard badge

I gained no reputation recently on meta, I've even lost 50 yesterday. Still I just got the notification You've earned the "Mortarboard" badge with a link to my meta badges. Here's what I see in ...
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Why didn't I get the Mortarboard badge again after I achieved 227 in a single day? [duplicate]

Why didn't I get the Mortarboard badge again even though I achieved 227 in a single day (18-01-2018)? Removing the tag wiki of 4, it still stands at 223.
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Clearly state that Mortarboard badge requirements excludes bonuses

In an earlier question of mine today, I was somewhat confused about the exact rules for earning the Mortarboard badge. To prevent this, I think the Mortarboard badge's description should be changed ...
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Reputation graph / page inaccuracy

Today I got the Epic badge. It should be awarded for earning 200 or more rep on 50 days. It did not expect to get it. Why? When I open I see the rep calculations. ...
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Could "(the daily maximum)" be removed from the Mortarboard description?

On the badges page, the Mortarboard badge is described as: Earned at least 200 reputation (the daily maximum) in a single day Is this not misleading in its wording? It implies that you must hit ...
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Does offering bounties set you back on epic/legendary badges?

From what I read at the badges description question, regarding the 3 daily limit badges: Earned at least 200 reputation [in a single day/on 50 days/on 150 days] All positive reputation activities, ...
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Down-vote on the way to the epic badge

Yesterday was the third time I've reached 200 points in one day. Maybe this is a bit early to ask as I still have a long way to go to the "Epic" badge, but the thing is that when I woke up this ...
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