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Is there any mechanism for revoking flag privileges? [duplicate]

Is there a mechanism that counts the total number of flags raised by each user, and calculates the percentage of those flags that get rejected? If not, may we have one? If the rejection number is too ...
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Do declined comment flags count towards the ban? [duplicate]

It seems like only post flags' declination counts towards the ban. Do declined comment flags also count towards the ban?
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too many of your recent flags declined, but not in reality [duplicate]

I was gonna flag a post for reopen but could because it show me this error: but, look at my flag list: Note: There are flags "waiting" for over a month until now. This is why I got so many on hold. ...
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Can having many flags marked as helpful after a flag ban undo a flag ban? [duplicate]

Assume some raised 40 flags. The first 3 flags got declined the first day, causing a 7-day flag ban. In the next 4 days, no other flags are declined, and several flags are marked as helpful. Can this ...
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Recover from flag ban [duplicate]

I get recently banned from flagging. But it's not quite clear to me why? In addition is there any way to recover from this ban? Will it age away and after 1-2 weeks it will be possible again? I'm not ...
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How can we improve the mod tools?

You may have noticed that we have a bit of a backlog for bugs and feature requests related to moderator tools. Our moderators do a lot of work to keep our sites running smoothly, and we recognize ...
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Decision on rejected edits should be displayed as a notification to the editor

Update, April 2014: I fully support Shog9's proposal of adding the message where it belongsā€”in the actual editing form. This is less intrusive than displaying it as a notification, but it serves the ...
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The Complete Rate-Limiting Guide

I noticed that I can only perform certain actions such as commenting a finite number of times in a given period of time. Obviously, rate limiting is in place to prevent accidental misuse or ...
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Allow moderators to reply to a flag

Many times, I see a flag (generally a custom one), and wish to reply to it. A common type is the "Convert to CW" flag that rears its head at times (it is helpful, since it leads to me closing the post,...
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What happened to flag weight? [duplicate]

I just noticed that my profile on Programmers no longer shows my flag weight. Instead I see the number of helpful flags. At the same time, the definition for the Marshal badge has been changed to "500 ...
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Dismiss flags on the same posts with different validities

Sometimes a post has both valid flags and invalid flags. As far as I can tell, all the flags on the same post have to be dismissed with the same validity. The scenario I encountered (on this question)...
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What is the difference between disputed and declined flags?

I'm looking at my flag count, and I see a couple of 'declined' flags and a few 'disputed' flags, and I'm wondering: What is the difference between the two? I've had both disputed and declined flags ...
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Why there isn't reputation points for successful flagging?

By helping the site by flagging successfully (and therefore gaining higher flag weight), you typically inform that you are able to understand the system and be helpful. Similarly, when you are ...
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Hide "not an answer" and "very low quality" flags in the moderator flag queue

At present, when something is flagged as "not an answer" or "very low quality", that flagged post appears alongside all other flags that moderators have to handle. However, a little while ago these ...
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Let's give very-trusted users a Closehammer to go with their Dupehammer

I'm calling it a Closehammer rather than an Onholdhammer because... well, just look at how odd Onholdhammer looks. I'm proposing that trusted users be given the ability to instantly place a question ...
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