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Recent feature changes to Stack Exchange

This is an unofficial list/changelog of new features and various changes to Stack Overflow and the Stack Exchange network. It is maintained by the community, while a Stack Exchange employee changes ...
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What are the guidelines for reviewing?

About reviewing The review queues contain posts that possibly need further action from the community, like improvement, closure, or deletion. By presenting those posts for peer-review, the system aims ...
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The "First Posts" review queue is ineffective and toothless [duplicate]

As it stands, the "First Posts" review queue is empty on Stack Overflow. As I seldom review that queue, it isn't empty because I have no posts to review; it's empty because, well it's empty. However, ...
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Why am I getting the message "You've failed too many recent review audits"? [duplicate]

Today I clicked on Review and saw the message below. You've failed too many recent review audits - looks like you might need a break. Come back in in 7 days and try again. Why does this type of ...
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Review bans should escalate beyond 30 days

Currently, as reviewers fail audits, they are banned from review for increasing durations (2 days, then 7, then 30). At present, this caps out at 30 days. The next time a reviewer is banned, the ban ...
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How is this a failed audit?

I know this is by design! I don't need a moderator telling me that. I clearly labeled this as a bug - something that needs to be fixed, not a discussion. It's a bad audit, and that needs to be fixed! ...
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Automatically detect edit abuse and exclude from badges/flag for mod review

Flem has 5 pages of 1 character edits (including an edit to one of my posts), apparently in a massive attempt to earn the Copy Editor badge. Should Copy Editor, etc., ignore 1 character whitespace-...
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Show previously review-banned users in Review Ban List

There's a link from the Mod Links section where Mods can ban users from reviewing. There's also a section which shows currently banned users. Unfortunately, currently there's no place which lists ...
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I was able to review after failing an audit, but later got blocked from reviewing

I might be just me, but it's not the first time this happens. I failed an audit yesterday (can't remember in which category) and I got the Stop, look and listen message. I have no excuse whatsoever ...
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Accidentally clicked No Action Needed on an obvious Late Answer test audit, now I can't review for 7 days

Key points from comments: This was my first Late Answer review of the day. This was my 3rd or 4th review of the day. I was suspended for 24 hours for failing a Late Answer review last week (my first ...
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How long does a ban or suspension on an SE site last?

I've tried to make some searches about ban and suspension but the data I found doesn't seem to correspond to my experience. I also cannot find a FAQ on the help section. Can you explain me how these ...
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Review Audit shows an answer that's duplicate [duplicate]

I just had a review audit which showed a highly voted answer to the original question but showed it with 0 votes. I thought some user just copied the original answer and was spamming the system so I ...
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Banned for review cause of not approving added tags in suggested edits

Tag was added I have rejected it, but it was approved also this one and this one Was I wrong in this reviews? I think for this three I was banned for reviews.
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Failed review ban - 30 day window - clarification please

I found an explanation of the duration of the review bans after failed audits in the answer to this question The time of automatic review bans should be increased with every new ban each review ban ...
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Some questions on how the review algorithms work exactly

I would like to know how the review algorithm 'decides' that a late post need to be reviewed. When a user fails a review audit, he gets this: If the same user failed too many review audits, he gets ...
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