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Don't auto dismiss custom flags on close

I understand auto-dismissing off-topic flags as helpful on close, since those become obsolete. But for custom flags that's rather annoying, since those are often used for an issue that goes beyond ...
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Undeletion, Unbumping and the Potential For Abuse

There has been some concerns on how bumping can be abused to garner some extra reputation. I'm going to question the opposite. A scenario where not bumping can be abused. Today of all days, a post was ...
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Suspicious voting + answering duo

There is some pretty bizarre voting going on over on this question. Normally, I'd just leave it alone, but there are a few things that are really weird about this case: this answer [10k only] is ...
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Clearing red flags shouldn't undelete a post that wasn't deleted by flags

Today I saw a red flag on a post that was already deleted. That's fine; we want red flags to survive deletion. The post wasn't deleted by flags; it was deleted by its owner, who probably didn't even ...
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Why does deleting my own question tell me that I have flagged it as "spam or offensive content"?

It turned out that my question was asked as a misunderstanding. It now (after clarification) brings zero value to the community. So I have deleted it. I was surprised to see this right after that: ...
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Incomplete handling of spam flags if an answer is 20-k-deleted

Here (link only visible to moderators), the following thing happened: An answer received three spam flags. The answer was deleted by three “regular” delete votes from 20 k users. Due to this, the ...
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Delete votes shouldn't reset if OP deletes question himself [duplicate]

Yesterday I asked a question here, where the issue I complained about delete votes which disappeared. It turns out that the system resets the votes if the Asker deletes and undeletes his question, ...
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Mod flag for plagiarism [duplicate]

If I raise a moderator flag pointing out blatant plagiarism, and the OP deletes the post (perhaps because of downvotes, or because someone points out the plagiarism), what happens? Does a moderator ...
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Any pending spam flags on answers are dismissed if the question is (self-)deleted

This question is related to a post that showed up on meta.SO today: it seems like (self-)deletion of the question dismisses pending spam flags on answers. This appears to be a bug, since this post (...
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Unable to custom flag an author-deleted post that I previously flagged as spam/abusive, as I can't retract my pending red flag

I just flagged a spam post here as spam. The author later self-deleted the post. Due to my as-of-yet pending spam flag (which remains on the post after the author deletion), I'm unable to cast a ...
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