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Recent feature changes to Stack Exchange

This is an unofficial list/changelog of new features and various changes to Stack Overflow and the Stack Exchange network. It is maintained by the community, while a Stack Exchange employee changes ...
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Moderators should be able to remove / burninate a tag themselves

We're doing some spring cleaning on Super User, which involves disambiguating tags, merging them, creating synonyms etc. However, one of the most troublesome things is removing a tag. Often, it's ...
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Do we still need the Retag privilege?

Ever since suggested edits were rolled out, the Retag privilege has been a bit... Weird. You can retag questions at any rep-level, even with no rep (or account) at all - you just need a few people to ...
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Retagging without the edit privilege now requires an edit summary [closed]

The retag button is gone and only edit remains. This has made a few negative changes for users with the retag privilege but not the edit privilege. It is now necessary to enter an edit summary even ...
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Couple of issues with Roomba Turbocharging

Recently, a major change was announced: Deleted questions will be visible to their authors, regardless of those authors' reputation. They won't be linked to anywhere that they're not already ...
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This shouldn't have been put on-hold

I recently stumbled across this meta post. It's about the change in the color of the accept tick mark on Stack Overflow - an honorable thing to complain about. I don't like it either. However, the ...
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The "edit tags" link does not appear after editing a question inline

After editing a question inline, the "edit tags" link does not appear when hovering over the spot it normally appears: Which is confirmed by looking at the DOM: (Also, the "title" attribute of the ...
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Retagging through suggested edits

I just saw (it's approved now) a suggested edit that appeared to just be retagging - adding two tags. The user who proposed it actually had enough rep to retag questions, but presumably didn't realize ...
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Per-site metas no longer have an apparent way to retag [closed]

The retag button is gone and only edit remains. This has made a few negative changes for users with the retag privilege but not the edit privilege. On a child meta site (i.e. a meta site other than ...
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Judging if a Retag is a Minor Edit [duplicate]

I've just found my access card to the suggested edits review queue, and find that there are a lot of low-rep retag edits in the queue thanks to this: Kill the Retag option, use just Edit Now, as far ...
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Misleading banner when editing with the retag privilege but without the edit privilege [closed]

The retag button is gone and only edit remains. This has made a few negative changes for users with the retag privilege but not the edit privilege. The banner “Your edit will be placed in a queue ...
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Should I still be seeing an 'edit tags" link?

According to this, "retag" is dead (just use edit). But I'm still seeing an "edit tags" link, on hover only, on both beta and graduated sites: Should I be?
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"A Theory of Moderation" update

The Theory of Moderation blog post has some outdated information: Im pretty sure it is still a suggested edit at 500 reputation. (I tried it C++ templates with derived classes) The privileges screen ...
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Can I just retag from the edit link? [closed]

I wanted to retag this question, and clicked the edit link as I would normally do on SO. I got a message saying: Oops! Your edit couldn't be submitted because: You have the privilege to retag ...
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Is the Retag Privilege still in effect?

Recently I retagged a post and was surprised to see it go into the review queue. I had expected it to just go through straight away and I also didn't expect to get reputation for it (as all I did was ...
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