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Can I post self-answers that do not contain any code? [closed]

I know that I can make questions on Stack Overflow that already have the answer, by myself. But if I want to post a personal solution method for a problem (which is not necessarily the best/fastest ...
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Is it possible to close questions because they are already solved? [duplicate]

Some questions happen to be solved for some reason (for instance, a new software version), and there's no answer it should be marked as accepted, but the question is not 'Open' anymore. And I don't ...
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Is it okay to add information without asking a question? [duplicate]

Can you add information without asking a question? For example, I found a Firefox addon that lets you see the generated source of a page, but I don't want to add it to an answered question. Can I just ...
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Is there a way to post a guide on something without first asking a question? [duplicate]

I keep coming across bits of information throughout the internet and every so often, I collect enough data to do a solid write-up on that topic. It'd be nice if I could post that consolidated info in ...
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Minimum requirements of self-answered question [duplicate]

Are there any rules (or guidelines) for a Asking and Answering your own question? What are the minimum requirements a self-answered question needs to meet, or do you treat it just like a normal ...
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Is time to remove "Answer your own question" option from question page?

The story behind this question is that a new user posted this question with a simultaneous answer. I posted a comment indicating that "answering own questions was extensively debated" and ...
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Capitalize and punctuate "let us continue this discussion in chat"

Stack Exchange has a feature to help move extended discussions out of comments and into chat, but when you use it, it automatically writes the following message for you: let us continue this ...
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Why must everything be a question?

It seems like SO is dedicated to questions, but one thing that would be useful would be for people to share something they learned. E.g. Recently I had an issue where I discovered IIS 7 is locked ...
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better to post question with separate answers or a question with answers in the main body? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicates: Etiquette for answering your own question Should I answer my own question, or not? I want to post a question on which I've done already quite a lot of research. I want to ...
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How do I reply on my own topic? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Stackoverflow: Should I answer my own question, or not? How could I add a reply on my own question? Like in the most other forums?
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Ratio of answer types

Related to post: Etiquette for answering your own question As far as I can tell, Stack Overflow is semantically both of a) a place to share information and b) a nerd battleground. Users do not care ...
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How to close "invalid" questions

While reviewing close votes, it's common to come across a question where the OP came back and said "Oh, never mind, I found the problem existed elsewhere in my code!" Example: https://stackoverflow....
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What to do when an author writes multiple answers to develop the solution while discussing things with others

This is not about the general topic of answering your own question. Rather I came upon a question where the asker publishes several slightly different versions of his initial answer while he improves ...
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How can I organize a discussion and resolve concerns about a controversial question?

TLDR; I noticed an answer of mine about searching for text in vim was getting a lot of attention, so I wanted to improve it by linking to an SO answer detailing how to select text. To my surprise, no ...
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I don't always answer myself, but when I do, I fail to ask a good question

Sometimes I'll encounter problems while coding, or sometimes out of simple interest for a question, I'll google for an answer, and most of the time I find that answer is here on ...

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