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Answer is deleted, Answer and question is down rated, Not able to understand Moderator policy

I did few hard and extensive search on few point of facebook graph API exploration. My question matched with few PHP geeks' question, I answered there and got negative votes. I got java community ...
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What happens if i answer my own question?

I am thinking about answering my own question but i still would like to be able to mark an answer from someone else as the solution. Currently the FAQ has no information what happens if a user answers ...
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A New Feature to Improve Suggested Edit Review?

I submitted my first suggested edit of an answer to a question I asked on Stack Overflow today. It was rejected After reviewing several other posts about rejected edits, I generally understand the ...
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Why was my question downvoted although I was just sharing my knowledge, Q&A-style?

We can share knowledge by answering our own questions. Reading this Stack Exchange blog entry helped me understand that if you have a question that you already know the answer to if you’d like to ...
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Posting self-answered questions for information: Should they be community wiki?

I recently posted a question to SO in which I immediately answered myself because I figured it would be a common question about the newly released Windows Phone 8. Someone suggested I make my answer ...
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How to deal with unanswered questions?

I have a question on SO that has no useful answer. As I changed my application distribution, that question is not so important to me anymore. As I see it, I have the following possibilities to deal ...
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Where do Vim questions belong and what is the community opinion about answering your own?

A few days ago, I stumbled onto a nice announcement: Vim ported to mobile devices. Since it was news at a time, I decided to post a question and give an answer right afterwards about it. From what I ...
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Ended up solving my own problem/question - what to do with the post? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Etiquette for answering your own question i have asked a question in stackoverflow about an alternative way to avoid using overflow:hidden and prevent shadows from clipping. ...
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Can I publish my own solutions on Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Posting and answering questions you have already found the answer to Should I ask a question I know the answer to? Etiquette for answering your own question I know Stack ...
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When to mark something vague as an answer?

I wish I could mark something as 'half an answer'. In Practical (Django) Caching Strategy & Implementation? Cache long, Invalidate cache upon data change, I ask a rather vague question, and get ...
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Trying to be helpful ... it would have been a question, b-b-but [closed]

I was solving my own problem and several times came close to posing it as a question See: However, shedding ...
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What to do when you answer your own question while writing it? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Etiquette for answering your own question It just happened that my question didn't exist anymore (I found the answer) while writing it: git website update strategy - how to ...
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What is the best way to answer your own question? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Etiquette for answering your own question What if you figure out the answer to your own question, what is the approved way of answering your own question?
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Etiquette: How do I insert some useful info into the form of a question

For example, I have found the link to a PDF with VS keyboard shortcuts very useful. But being constrained by the question/answer format, it seems a little clunky to ask the question "where can I find ...

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