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What can I do if I'm the victim of serial downvoting? [duplicate]

While browsing Stack Overflow, I noticed that I lost a lot of reputation: Is this serial downvoting? Will it be corrected by a rep-recalculation? How often are those done? Here's a second ...
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Disappointing response from a moderator [duplicate]

I have down-voted an answer and left a comment asking the user to add more details to his answer. I always tend to leave a comment when I down-vote a question/answer to explain the reason of my action....
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Unrelated downvotes because of criticism [duplicate]

So basically on a question I attempted and failed to answer, I have been following it because I am interested in the solution. People have been posting answers to solve it (some similar or identical ...
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What is serial voting and how does it affect me?

I just noticed that I lost a bunch of points from my reputation score, and I used the "reputation" tab on my user profile page to try and track down the cause. During my investigation, I noticed ...
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Undetectable MICRO Serial Downvoting. What is it? What to do? What the heck!

Prologue Everyone knows Serial Downvoting... even the luckiest user with enough rep gets hit by this plague at least once, soon or later: some noob gets angry against another user for some reason and ...
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A better serial voting trap

Currently we capture fanatic, voting ring or rage-type activities, by measuring the number of up-votes or down-votes between the same two users in a certain (relatively short) time period. When this ...
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Random Downvoting

Recently I have been randomly downvoted and I suspect it is the same user. The user doesn't stop at downvotes. He/She ensures that he/she upvotes the other answer where I have replied no matter how ...
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Is there anything I can do about serial downvoting that is smaller than script's threshold? [duplicate]

Is there any way to somehow address serial downvoting that seems explicitly targeted on me, but is done in a way that is careful enough to avoid serial-downvoting script detection (3 votes only)? ...
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I didn't get the lost reputation points in serial downvoting back

I have been getting downvotes for the last few days. I think this is the handiwork of a single user, because all the downvotes are for different questions and the downvoting time differs hardly 1 ...
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What could be wrong with this comment? [duplicate]

Yesterday, there was a comment in: Spiteful downvoting? Two fast DVs to my unrelated posts Comment has been deleted and I would like to understand what could be wrong with it? Per my recollection, ...
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Please allow new users to view close reasons on their questions [duplicate]

A new Stack Overflow user recently asked how he could improve a question that was not well received: Why am I receiving down votes for this question and how can I improve it? I told the user to click ...
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