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Why do we require "research effort"? [duplicate]

I think consensus is that we want StackExchange to be the go-to place for any question anyone may ever have, as long as this question is on-topic for the specific SE domain. People often mention that ...
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Isn't time consuming questioning in sites of SE? [duplicate]

Experts suggest that before you ask a question follow the following faithfully : READ how to ask READ FAQs for stack exchange Then Search for the site, lookup it's domain.. Search then Research ...
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Should Stack Exchange in general be awarding "A"s for Effort?

This just came up again: homework is not acceptable if the asker has made no effort whatsoever I'm developing a bit of an involuntary twitch that manifests itself when I encounter the word "effort"...
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Do I have to write "I have tried" when I ask something? [duplicate]

I have just asked this question, and it yelled at me to include something I have already tried. I googled for 10 minutes to try to find out how to do this, with no answer, so I asked on Stack Overflow....
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"first show your effort and then ask for help" comments [duplicate]

sometimes when a new questions asked, usually by a new user with low rating (like my self) some of the more experienced users tend to make a comment like: "what did you try" "show your effort first" ...
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Where to ask programming-related questions when I don't know what to try?

I know it sounds ridiculous but I can't ask any programming-related question in SO, without seeing that super-annoying reply what have you tried? see about stackoverflow.. I know, and ok, if that'...
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Discussing "What have you tried" [duplicate]

Asking "what have you tried" is based on the assumption that the author did not make any effort. People don't want to make an effort if they assume someone else didn't. No matter how much they love ...
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How useful is it to say that I tried searching for an answer without saying what search queries I made, and what could be more useful than that?

Prior to asking my question, I tried exercising my basic research skills to see if my question had already been asked and answered before using my favourite search engine (Ex. Google search) and using ...
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Posting a Stack Overflow question when I don't have a code example [closed]

I asked a very specific coding question on Stack Overflow. I am at a loss as to how to proceed, so I don't have a code sample. I immediately got a -1 and a complaining comment for not having a code ...
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Does showing what you've tried reduce the future value of the question?

Don't get me wrong, I'm one of the front-runners for wanting people to show what they've tried. But I feel like showing what you've tried, all too often, turns the question into "What's wrong with my ...
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Penalize those who answer Debug My Code questions [closed]

This post was inspired after reading The Help Vampire problem. Some types of questions are just bad for this site. They decrease the signal to noise ratio, they waste my and other people's time. They ...
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Is there an appeals process for the automatic question rate limit? [duplicate]

I get this message: It looks like you might need a break - take a breather and come back soon! You've asked 4 questions recently, some of which have not been received very well by the ...
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Should we upvote questions without research effort?

(There are many questions on the topic but my questions is not the same as the others. Scroll to the bottom to see more) There are many questions over all the exchange sites that are very short and ...
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