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What can we do to stop bad edits getting accepted?

A worryingly high number of bad suggested edits get accepted. For example: edits that add bad formatting to random words edits that break the formatting of a block of code edits that add wrong tags ...
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Improvements to a suggested edit cannot be submitted when the suggestion is approved during editing

I was reviewing a suggested edit and decided that while the edit was incorrect, there were things to improve about the post. So I clicked “Improve” and set about my business. When I tried to submit my ...
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How can we be better at approving suggested edits that improve answers?

Having been fairly active on Stack Overflow's suggested edit review queue in the past couple of years, I observe that there are a number of worthwhile suggested edits that get rejected because they ...
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Do I ever get rid of "congratulations, this was only a test" message?

To begin with, I thought it was a great idea. Testing if people really cared. But now I have more than 7k, proven I don't intend to destroy the community. I edit post after post, and every time - &...
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How many failed audits to be put on quarantine?

From time to time I fail a review audit. That's another story, but after not having run in to an audit (and certainly not failing one) for over a week, and suddenly failing one, I got banned from ...
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Please stop showing review audits for suggested edits to Moderators

Please stop showing audits to Moderators. I'm not referring to all users, just Diamond Moderators. We see so much crap while cleaning, we don't need the extra round of crap just make the system go - "...
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Number of failed audits per number of reviews

Reviewers with 3 out of 3 failed audits who reviewed a dozen of posts in total are treated the same as reviewers with 3 out of 30 failed audits who reviewed thousands of posts. And while automatically ...
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Please facilitate undoing the harm from bad suggested edits

I've seen a stream of bad suggested edits recently: they don't improve anything but screw up the formatting. (Examples: 1, 2, 3. Note: if you approved one of these, do feel called out. If you're the ...
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Vary the number of audits depending on the review history of a user

This is basically a feature-request-ification of this post of mine From what I see, Stack Overflow mods are having to spend time manually rooting out robo reviewers. To me, it seems like the system ...
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Add a positive feedback for all types of review audits

In my continuing series of posts about review audits, here's what I learnt so far: StackOverflow is not being used to train machine learning algorithms The lack of feedback from successfully passing ...
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Don't make us click through the reject dialog on Suggested Edit audits

tl;dr: Make the reject button in the suggested edit queue pass audits without a dialog. I've reviewed over 700 suggested edits, so I have had my fair share of audits. Unlike the other queues, ...
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Refreshing the page of a suggested edit audit kills the audit

Steps to repro: Find a suggested edit that seems suspicious (clearly an audit) Press F5 OR Ctrl+R OR the refresh button (who uses the GUI anyway) ... Break the audit! (see image) Link to the audit (...
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