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Didn't you regret the "Association Trust"? [duplicate]

I was absolutely happy and also surprised, when I could see that after reaching 200 reputation points, I got +100 reputation for every sub-account. It's a very kind decision. It also means that if ...
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Replace accept rate with citizenship level

I see that accept rate has now been removed from display on questions. I think this is not a great solution for reasons that waffles explained well. Take it away waffles! On one hand accept rate ...
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Prevent questions on the Hot List from being upvoted by casual visitors (only rep is from association bonus)

I have experienced this on a couple of sites (and I'm not the only one): You look through the question list. You see a pretty bad (or at least not-so-good) question heavily upvoted. Or even worse, a ...
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What is the Goal of "Hot Network Questions"?

There has been a tug-of-war in the hot-questions list. Community members like JonW seem to be unhappy with the traffic that it brings to their site: 'But we want to encourage people to post, that's ...
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Trolls in our Halls

In Stack Exchange portal, it says: Stack Exchange is a fast-growing network of 112 question and answer sites on diverse topics from software programming to cooking to photography and gaming. We build ...
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Don't let questions stick to the top of the hot questions list forever [duplicate]

I've noticed that some very highly upvoted questions stay in the list of hot questions (also displayed in the Stack Exchange menu on the top left) for a very long time, often for several days. One ...
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What is a “protected” or "highly active" question?

Questions can be protected (i.e. marked "highly active"). What does it mean for a question to be protected? Why are some questions protected? Who can protect and unprotect questions? Who can answer a ...
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In “network hot” questions formula, discard answers when voting evidence indicates that these are not good data points

TL;DR When votes of 20... 30... 100 users clearly indicate that only one or two answers are popular, it does not make sense to pretend that other answers are popular too. In current version of “...
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Improve "Protected Question" message with regard to rep gained through Association Bonus

I recently started an account on Android Enthusiasts, and went to add an answer to a question which was protected. I have enough rep on other sites that I have the "Association Bonus", so I was ...
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At smaller sites, penalize hot questions having 3-4 close votes

At smaller sites (up to 50-100 questions a day average) closing a question takes hours or even days. As an example, this SO question has got 5 close votes in 15 minutes, while its twin at Software ...
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Preventing the HNQ feedback-loop

We all know that the HNQ causes good- or okay-questions to be flooded with activity, especially if they have an abnormal or controversial title. There’s no need to get into the mess which kicked off ...
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Prevent specific sites from being overrepresented in the hot questions list [duplicate]

Some sites appear far more often in the hot questions list than other sites. I don't have any hard data on that, as that kind of data is just not publicly available, but I'm pretty sure my subjective ...
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Which sites appear most often in the Hot Network Questions list?

Is there any data about which Stack Exchange sites have their questions end up in the Hot Network Questions list the most? In particular: What percentage of hot network questions comes from each site?...
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Require reputation earned on the main site to vote on a per-site meta

Upvoting requires 15 reputation, but the association bonus is taken into account, so if you have at least 200 reputation on any site, you can upvote on all sites in the network. This is a bit ...
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The association bonus should be adequate for downvoting [duplicate]

I was reading an answer on a SE site where I wasn't yet registered. It was unhelpful, so I register to downvote the answer. I couldn't, because you need 125 reputation to downvote. The association ...
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