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Syntax highlighter bugs on multiple <script> tags [duplicate]

To illustrate, multiple non-script tags works fine: <element name="value"></element> <element name="value"></element> But multiple script tags bugs the highlighter, see the ...
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Shouldn't the code formatter highlight the word "having" for SQL syntax? [duplicate]

In this SQL statement, notice the color of the word "having" versus the words "select", "from", "where", and "group by" select , ,count(*) as books_purchased from customers cu ,...
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Syntax highlighting thrown off by apostrophe in comment [duplicate]

I noticed a bug in the syntax highlighting for Objective-C code. See this post: The apostrophe in a comment in the second code ...
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Did I do my syntax highlighting wrong? If so, what is the right way? [duplicate]

I tried setting a syntax type based on Jeff's Hints, but it doesn't seem to be working properly. Did I do it wrong?
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JavaScript regex syntax highlighting issue [duplicate]

if(!/^https?:\/\//.test(val) && foo == 'bar') { val = 'http://' + val; } As you can see, the // causes the highlighter to switch to comment mode which is incorrect.
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Syntax highlighting for C++ code, initializing with `()` vs `=` [duplicate]

I had initially asked this on Code review meta but @Mast in the comments suggested me to ask this on the main meta site. I have tested it on Stack overflow, Code review, and Software Engineering sites....
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Syntax highlighting broken [duplicate]

Syntax highlighting seems to have been broken recently. For example see the code example at: WPF TextBlock Padding is cutting off text All the attributes' first letters are black. Is this a bug? ......
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Syntax Highlighting - Two Character Identifiers [duplicate]

I noticed a bug/feature with the syntax highlighting where two-character capitalized identifiers are not being highlighted inside code blocks. This does not appear to be a problem in the case of two-...
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My syntax highlighting stopped working on Stack Overflow [duplicate]

All of a sudden, my syntax highlighting stopped working on Stack Overflow which can be seen in this answer. And now, even if I edit that post, try to post a question or an answer, there's no syntax ...
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Syntax-Highlighting won't recognize all CSS keywords [duplicate]

I just discovered a strange behavior of the CSS syntax highlighting feature which you can see in the following code example: .first_rule { color: red; } .second_rule:hover { color: blue; } ....
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String not displaying correctly [duplicate]

I just answered my own question here (GeoPheonix answered in the comments but didn't provide a full answer), and the string in the code isn't displaying correctly: This may seem like a minor nitpick ...
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Syntax highlighting fails to highlight "abstract" correctly [duplicate]

I've just noticed that the syntax highlighting no longer highlights C# "abstract" keyword correctly: Is this an abuse of the type system? I think it used to work correctly before. Anything changed?...
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Incorrect C# syntax highlighting with @"\" [duplicate]

The title really says it all, but when I use the @ character to ignore escapes in a string literal @"Like This\", the \" is interpreted as a quote character belonging to the string rather than the ...
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Style XML element in code block messes up syntax highlighting coloring [duplicate]

If you put some XML in a code block (by indenting by 4 spaces) and one of the tags is <Style> it will mess up the syntax highlighting of the generated result. This works: <Style2 Foo="...
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Incorrect syntax highlighting with non-ASCII characters [duplicate]

The C# highlighter (and possibly others) chokes on non-ASCII characters in class names, as can be seen in this post: Trouble with if circulating EDIT: Prettify bug report submitted.
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