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Syntax highlighting language hints [duplicate]

Do you think it would be worthwhile to provide hints as to what language to use for the syntax highlighting? Sometimes I find the highlighting on SQL or VB.NET answers is more distracting than ...
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Manually specify language for syntax highlighting [duplicate]

This is a follow-up to a question I answered earlier (Changes to syntax highlighting). For most questions that have more than one language-related tag and those with fuzzy languages (for instance ....
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How can I specify a language in a code block? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Interface options for specifying language prettify I don't know how Markdown recognizes which language to use in code blocks. Sometimes it doesn't guess right. Can I specify a ...
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Where is the list of language names supported by the markdown fenced code blocks? [duplicate]

Related to Implement ```-style (fenced) Markdown code blocks On this answer I used ```makefile and it is "working" the highlighting: However, on this other answer, I am also using ```makefile and it ...
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Stack Overflow syntax highlighting [duplicate]

When using SO's code blocks, can you control how syntax highlighting is performed? Many times, I've pasted (for example) some shell output into an SO answer, and the syntax highlighting has been ...
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VB.NET/VBScript syntax highlighting does not properly support comments [duplicate]

(Descriptions are inside the code samples) Take a look at this code Public Sub Show() System.Console.WriteLine("Hello") ' Comment here will fail subsequencing syntax highlighting System....
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How to handle regex syntax highlighting [duplicate]

Many questions about regex include code blocks with language agnostic, POSIX compatible patterns, using default prettifying. (Example) This looks kind of ugly and is confusing, since some parts are ...
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How can I prevent syntax higlighting in markdown? [duplicate]

When I wished to show example data, I used the code block syntax (4 spaces indentation after an empty line), but the data was rendered like a programming language. Can I prevent the syntax ...
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Java syntax highlighting not shown [duplicate]

This question does not show any syntax highlighting although the code seems ok to me. What is the cause of it? Tested with FF 3.6.15 and IE 8.0.
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Why is there no syntax highlight for SQL merge statements? [duplicate]

It seems, that Stack Overflow doesn't recognise the SQL:2003/SQL:2008 MERGE statement, as can be seen in my answer here: Oracle: Updating a table column using ROWNUM in conjunction with ORDER BY ...
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Elixir Syntax Highlighting [duplicate]

Can we please have syntax highlighting for Elixir? I've had a look at the editor advanced help and Google's library documentation to find that it's not yet supported. Nonetheless I thought I'd ask ...
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Syntax Highlighting Doesn't Recognize Line Continuations Within VB6 Comments [duplicate]

I've run into some unexpected syntax highlighting mistakes while I was asking a question about VB6. When I use _ after using ' to add comments about my code I see that _ does not work within ', but ...
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Syntax highlighting is inconsistent [duplicate]

In this question, why is ElementByElement highlighted as a method, but ElementByElement2 isn't? EDIT: To submit a new issue to Prettify, I'd like to know what version Stack Overflow uses. 21-May-2009?...
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Syntax highlighting and non-ASCII characters [duplicate]

I think Markdown google-code-prettify has some incorrect lexical rules for Java (and possibly other languages). It correctly identifies this code block from SO question 1485832 as being written in ...
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List of languages for syntax highlight [duplicate]

When putting some code sections into SO questions, the system tries to detect the language and automagically colorizes the code but sometimes if the excerpt of code is small enough it cannot get the ...
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SQL syntax highlighting bug in StackOverflow [duplicate]

StackOverflow engine treats backslash character \ as an escape symbol for string literals. But backslash is NOT an escape symbol in SQL. So, simple statement select '\' from dual produces incorrect ...
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Syntax Highlighter for Java [duplicate]

It seems the syntax highlighter is not able to handle Java. Any idea how to help fix this? A sample code is below, and link1 and links2 in stackoverflow. try (Statement stmt = con.createStatement())...
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XML Syntaxhighlight highlights elements in CDATA [duplicate]

If you manually declare code to be XML, code within CDATA is still highlighted, even though it should be treated as text. Example: <element test="test"> <![CDATA[<font size="2">&...
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Syntax highlighting for C doesn't properly recognize `restrict` as a keyword [duplicate]

And while we're at it, C11 adds some keywords like _Atomic as well. Is this the right way to submit requests for addition, or would it be better to ask for it in the 'Google Code Prettify' project? ...
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CMD `::` autoformats badly [duplicate]

From How to run a PowerShell script within a Windows batch file There's an idiom in CMD scripts to use :: as a comment delimiter. (: means a label, so :: gets ignored.) I use it because I think it's ...
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Please add support for PowerShell syntax highlighting [duplicate]

StackOverflow currently does not support syntax highlighting for PowerShell. Please add support for this in a future revision.
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Code containing HEREDOC is not highlighted correctly [duplicate]

Not sure if this was brought before but I noticed on several occasions that code containing HEREDOC syntax will not be correctly highlighted. Example at PHP domdocument if statement for when img tag ...
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Fix for $# code color highlight [duplicate]

I am a Perl coder and I would like to ask Stack Overflow to fix code color highlights for # comments. It works properly for real comments, such as # this is a comment but when $# is in code, such ...
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How to add syntax highlighting for new language [duplicate]

Is there already a standard way for introducing syntax highlighting for a language (and tag) that did not previously have it? I would like to have syntax highlighting for the isabelle tag, since code ...
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Syntax highlighting for MySQL not working [duplicate]

See: It doesn't do highlighting when I specify <!-- language: lang-mysql --> (or if the question is tagged mysql), but it will work fine if I ...
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No syntax highlight for Fortran? [duplicate]

I was checking out this question on SO, and noticed that there is no syntax highlighting for the code snippet. I realise that Fortran is a pretty obscure language, especially on SO, so I don't really ...
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Would it be possible for the syntax highlighter to allow for SQL capitalization? [duplicate]

I've noticed that the syntax highlighter for code samples does not work with capitalization for SQL. I just posted a question on SO and had to spend a couple extra seconds to modify it to get the ...
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WMD/Prettify does not support dot character for XML elements [duplicate]

The WMD (or possibly Prettify) does not support the dot (.) character for elements, despite it being part of the XML Specification. This comes up on StackOverflow with XAML related questions. Below ...
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Keyword 'let' from LINQ syntax is not supported by syntax highlighting [duplicate]

I found that neither on SO. nor here, on meta, LINQ syntax keyword let isn't being highlighted: from f in db.Foo let b = f.Bar where b.Count == 1 select new FooBar(b); Please add.
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First letters of XML attributes not colored correctly if capitalized [duplicate]

If the first character(s) of an XML attribute are capitalized, they don't get colored in the usual attribute way: <element InitialCap="1" initialLower="2" ALLCAPS="3" SOMEcaps="4" /> It would ...
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