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Syntax highlighting for shell sessions? [duplicate]

Edit: I've opened an issue for this in the code-prettify project on GitHub. The author of the question Why does bash login shell break here-doc command string argument? noted in the comments that: ...
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Syntax highlighting for unimplemented languages by introducing aliases of lang-none

Today I "struggled" with misleading syntax highlighting of markdown code examples, the problem was that using lang-none changes the colouring so that a previously unaffected markdown example looked ...
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Syntax highlight for the Swift programming language [duplicate]

Recently Apple announced the Swift language to be open sourced later this year. I noticed that google prettifier, which is used in eg. stack overflow to post code snippets, is not yet been adapted ...
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How to format Razor code containing VB code [duplicate]

I want to format a block of code from a .vbhtml file. That is VB.NET code embedded in a Razor code file. So the parser/formatter needs to understand Razor syntax and VB.NET syntax. Could such a ...
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Slash + asterisk inside code results in the rest of the line commented out [duplicate]

How can I prevent this from happening. All I want is normal code - no comment. /account/** = ssl, authc Here nothing is grayed out in a comment-like fashion, but on stackoverflow /** = ssl, authc is....
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Enable Verilog syntax highlighting [duplicate]

Can someone enable syntax highlighting for verilog and system-verilog code in SO?
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Syntax highlighting a bit off? [duplicate]

I had used this in a question: cellNum = [VLOOKUP("string", '2012'!A:M, 13, FALSE)] The light grey syntax color started at the single quote but then continued until the end of the line. Should it ...
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Can we have the `pine` language code associated with specific tags in order to have it correctly highlighted in questions and answers? [duplicate]

TradingView would like to implement highlighting for Pine Script™ code, which is typically used in the [pine-script], [pine-script-v4] and [pine-script-v5] tags. It is mentioned in section 2b of this ...
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'Suggested edit queue is full' displayed on every question I try to edit [duplicate]

I've tried editing more than 20 questions as a test and they all showed that Suggested edit queue is full message. Then I tried again literally 4 seconds after a question was uploaded (when I clicked ...
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How to disable syntax highlighting in Markdown fenced code blocks [duplicate]

For indented code blocks, adding <!-- language: lang-none --> disables syntax highlighting. What about for fenced code blocks? Can I use lang-none or none in fenced code blocks too? Which of the ...
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Why is syntax highlighting not working [duplicate]

I have added the language tag like so -- <!-- language: js --> But for some reason syntax highlighting still doesn't seem to be working. Here is the answer I am talking about -- Twilio SRV ...
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Get keyword not highlighted (SO) [duplicate]

When I was browsing SO, I came upon a unexpected syntax highlighting quirk. In C# code, the "set" keyword, used in properties, was highlighted, but not "get". Could this be changed? Here's a sample ...
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Can PHP syntax highlight be updated? [duplicate]

See this answer. PHP syntax highlight is clueless about namespaces: First letter of a class name in a root namespace should not be black. Could this be updated? I know namespaces aren't most popular ...
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Syntax highlight for scheme [duplicate]

I just modified an answer and I can see that there are some missing highlights for the scheme language. It's unclear what is not handled by the highlighter. But I'd say that the current functions are ...
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Haskell nested multiline comments aren't highlighted properly [duplicate]

In a question tagged haskell, this answer: Hidden features of Haskell {- inside a comment, {- inside another comment, -} still commented! -} The nested comments aren't highlighted the right ...
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