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What questions should be closed with reason "too localized"? [duplicate]

What is the definition of "too localized" for closing a question? I see several suggestions, but nothing definitive or specific.
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How to put question on hold? [duplicate]

I have seen that many questions are now marked [on hold]. I have already enough reputation to cast close votes on questions but I don't see how can I put questions on hold. How can I do it? Is it done ...
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Possible new close reason: "Overt request for code" [duplicate]

This seems to be related to other meta questions, but I think there is a qualitative difference. While this is obviously a site where specific questions are asked and specific answers are given (...
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the concept of too broad, primarily opinion violation [duplicate]

tl; dr: I was offended by 2 questions that got closed and reopened multiple times here and here. Both of these questions got lots of downvotes, then got closed, then reopened, then upvoted, and so on. ...
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To improve first poster experience, can questions have a suspend state before they can be voted for close? [duplicate]

Possible names for this feature: "Suspended" "Under review" I am sure newbies find it quite confronting to ask a question and then have it "closed". A suspend state ...
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When is the new closing system going to be turned loose? [duplicate]

I'm 3k on SO, and I'm anxious for the new closing/on-holding system to break out of its meta prison. What is the ETA for the new system to come to other sites?
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What does the new on hold mean? [duplicate]

I came across a question today that instead of having [closed], it had [on hold]. What is this new change, and what does it affect?
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Can we have the ability to retract a close vote before it closes?

Sometimes you vote to close something and the OP then changes it to fix the issue or issues. You can't take a close vote back though. It would be nice if you could. With the new Duplicate close ...
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Recent feature changes to Stack Exchange

This is an unofficial list/changelog of new features and various changes to Stack Overflow and the Stack Exchange network. It is maintained by the community, while a Stack Exchange employee changes ...
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Help us make "Not Constructive" and "Not a Real Question" closures more effective [closed]

In the recent off-topic discussion, Pekka 웃 suggested that other close reasons could be further broken out as well . We've got some more specific ideas along those lines, and we want your input and ...
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Send authors an inbox message if their question is closed

I think it would really help if you get notified that a question of yours was closed. Especially for the multi-site power user, usually (at least for me) a question is asked and then left alone for ...
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Distinguish close votes by reason

Even though a question may be closed by receiving 5 close votes, the votes do not necessarily need to agree. I think this is a good behavior, but recently I voted to close a question for being an ...
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Every "close" has its thorn: replace "close" with "on hold" for the first five days

That's right, I'm starting this out with a pun. Featuring a Poison song. I'm good with it. TL;DR We're looking at replacing [closed] with [on hold]. This sort of thing was proposed in a popular post ...
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Introducing a brand new, consolidated, Help Center

UPDATE: This is now live on all Stack Exchange sites. You can access it at /help or by clicking the "help" link in the top nav or footer of any page. We can all agree that Stack Exchange is a ...
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We need to be a little less hostile

I've noticed a distressing tendency for questions that seem basic or overly short to be immediately closed and downvoted into oblivion. Case in point: How can I tell if a DOM object is out of the ...
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