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Consider changing the wording of the "too localized" close reason

The "too localized" close reason currently reads: This question is unlikely to ever help any future visitors; it is only relevant to a small geographic area, a specific moment in time, or ...
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How do moderators make changes to the site-specific closed question reasons?

There are changes rolling out the week of June 17 2013 to add custom close reasons. Closing changes: on hold, unclear, too broad, opinion-based, off-topic reasons, bye-bye to Too Localized What (and ...
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Can we have a red/status tag for "obsolete"?

Given the changes that have been rolled out on Meta for the new close hold reasons, we've lost "too localized" here on meta. However, "too localized" has a genuine use on meta (which is part change ...
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Now that too localized is gone should we embrace the "typo questions"? [closed]

The old "too localized" closing reason included "questions that are unlikely to help future visitors". It was generally agreed, that if a question resulted from a typo in the OP code those questions ...
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How can a student ask better questions on Stack Exchange sites? [duplicate]

I usually ask learning-related questions on Stack Exchange sites and unintentionally get myself voted down with bad questions. When checking my questions like a year or so later, I see that the ...
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What to do with debug questions now?

This thread: Debug this code for me questions suggests to close as "too localized", but that is not available any more. So, what to do with users posting one question after another about the same ...
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A rule of thumb to tell if a question on topic or not?

For ages I have used this rule of thumb: Would be this question of any help for someone else? If not, it's off-topic. But recently the "too localized" term was removed from the close-vote reasons,...
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What should happen to questions that will never help anyone?

I see a lot of questions on StackOverflow that will never help anyone in the future, JanDvorak's quote explains what question's I'm talking about. "Haven't you heard? Crowdsourcing to ...
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An official way of closing announcements on Meta?

Currently, many announcements are closed using reasons such as off-topic (custom reason) The second draft of our Code of Conduct is available for feedback and review off-topic (can no longer be ...
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Please use correct off-topic close reason [closed]

I've notice that many questions are being closed when they don't show the code as: Questions asking for code must demonstrate a minimal understanding of the problem being solved. Include attempted ...
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Could the Off Topic close reasons screen get a bit of McLovin'?

As everyone is becoming aware, the close reasons have been reworked. When voting to close a question, the first dialog is nicely laid out and easy to look at: But the dialog containing the off-topic ...
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Asking questions that probably won't help others

I've noticed that the guidelines as to how to ask a question hint sometimes that the questions should be useful to others, not just the person asking the questions. Seems like a good idea - aim to ...
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Should FAQ discourage questions that are an attempt to use SO as a free debugging service (no general usefulness)?

I'm reading some questions that have no long-term value. A person posts about 100 lines of code that doesn't work. Not a technical issue. They just have a logic bug somewhere. However, they have ...
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Can there be a 'wiki' for Stack Exchange sites?

I find 2 kinds of questions on Stack Exchange sites - Questions that will help people except the OP in the future Questions that only help the OP Furthermore, some questions that will help people in ...
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What do we do with "update: fixed it" questions?

My post was spurred by this recent question: How to create a database for images/audio in phpmyadmin The question has since been deleted, but for those without mod powers, here's a recreation of the ...
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