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Which close reason should I use to close "typo" questions now? [duplicate]

A while back I posted my opinion that "typo" related questions should be closed and removed, which had a lot of support so I'm going on the assumption that it's still generally correct. For example ...
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306 views what do we close too localized questions now? [duplicate]

So we got all new and shiny close reasons and a little bit reworked dialog which works very well and is very nice and handy. But there is one question left, as what do we close too localized questions ...
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Why was "too localized" removed? [duplicate]

Many times I would "Close Vote" a question for being too localized, for example "oops, I forgot to put a semi-colon at the end of a line" These questions are unlikely to help anyone else, is another ...
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Are we accepting questions which will only help OP and not future visitors? [duplicate]

Just before few minutes, I saw that too localized option was removed from the close vote window, so are we accepting questions which are only helpful to OP and not the future visitors? Which option ...
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Can we add a new reason to close a question? Trivial Syntax Error [duplicate]

Currently we have the following reasons to close a question due to being off-topic Can we add this reason in the list of reasons to close a question? This question is off-topic because it is about a ...
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What happened to not a real question close vote [duplicate]

I have seen new options for close vote screen: I can't see not a real question and too localized here any more. In many of question we have sen that "not a real question" will be the option in case ...
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What do I use for "too localized" now? [duplicate]

I was about to vote to close as "too localized", but the changes in today's blog post just took effect. What do I do now? Here is the question:
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Let's Plan the Second Iteration of the Stack Exchange Quality Project! [closed]

In case you missed the first one, check out the se-quality-project tag. The quality project isn't one that we plan to ever finish, it's perennial and kicks in every 18 months or so after we've had ...
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Closing changes: [on hold], unclear, too broad, opinion-based, off-topic reasons, bye-bye to Too Localized

After a ton of discussion, work and input from the community, we're rolling out the remainder of major closing changes that you've helped us design, as discussed in these prior posts. They're live, ...
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Improving "demonstrate a minimal understanding" close reason [closed]

Note: the eventual outcome of this discussion involved dropping this particular off-topic reason, along with other changes. See:
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Shouldn't "off-topic" be only about... off-topic?

A related question/discussion point to this one posted just now, but with a completely different rationale. Whenever a question is closed because it doesn't contain SSCCE, or specific code, it also ...
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What happened to the "You're Just Lazy" close vote reason? [closed]

...not literally, of course. But what happened to the previous menu of close-vote options? I find the current set unsatisfactory. Take this question that boils down to a typical java.lang....
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Close all the typo questions [closed]

Update 2013/03/06: I've been playing around in the Data Explorer (first time I've used it) and put together a basic query to help identify typo related posts a little better, improvements welcome: ...
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How is consensus determined on Meta sites?

On our main sites "the best answer" is somewhat fluidly defined as the superposition of the highest voted answer and the accepted answer. Truth be told, the system is rather insistent on ...
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Can we rename the off-topic close reason label on the primary screen?

When you click on the button to cast a close vote, you get a list of options: duplicate, off-topic, unclear, too broad, and primarily opinion based. These appear to be consistent across every site. ...
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