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How can a student ask better questions on Stack Exchange sites? [duplicate]

I usually ask learning-related questions on Stack Exchange sites and unintentionally get myself voted down with bad questions. When checking my questions like a year or so later, I see that the ...
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Can there be a 'wiki' for Stack Exchange sites?

I find 2 kinds of questions on Stack Exchange sites - Questions that will help people except the OP in the future Questions that only help the OP Furthermore, some questions that will help people in ...
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An official way of closing announcements on Meta?

Currently, many announcements are closed using reasons such as off-topic (custom reason) The second draft of our Code of Conduct is available for feedback and review off-topic (can no longer be ...
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Asking questions that probably won't help others

I've noticed that the guidelines as to how to ask a question hint sometimes that the questions should be useful to others, not just the person asking the questions. Seems like a good idea - aim to ...
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Let's Plan the Second Iteration of the Stack Exchange Quality Project! [closed]

In case you missed the first one, check out the se-quality-project tag. The quality project isn't one that we plan to ever finish, it's perennial and kicks in every 18 months or so after we've had ...
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What happened to the "You're Just Lazy" close vote reason? [closed]

...not literally, of course. But what happened to the previous menu of close-vote options? I find the current set unsatisfactory. Take this question that boils down to a typical java.lang....
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Improving "demonstrate a minimal understanding" close reason [closed]

Note: the eventual outcome of this discussion involved dropping this particular off-topic reason, along with other changes. See:
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What to do with debug questions now?

This thread: Debug this code for me questions suggests to close as "too localized", but that is not available any more. So, what to do with users posting one question after another about the same ...
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A rule of thumb to tell if a question on topic or not?

For ages I have used this rule of thumb: Would be this question of any help for someone else? If not, it's off-topic. But recently the "too localized" term was removed from the close-vote reasons,...
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Please use correct off-topic close reason [closed]

I've notice that many questions are being closed when they don't show the code as: Questions asking for code must demonstrate a minimal understanding of the problem being solved. Include attempted ...
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Can we add a new reason to close a question? Trivial Syntax Error [duplicate]

Currently we have the following reasons to close a question due to being off-topic Can we add this reason in the list of reasons to close a question? This question is off-topic because it is about a ...
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What should happen to questions that will never help anyone?

I see a lot of questions on StackOverflow that will never help anyone in the future, JanDvorak's quote explains what question's I'm talking about. "Haven't you heard? Crowdsourcing to ...
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Which close reason should I use to close "typo" questions now? [duplicate]

A while back I posted my opinion that "typo" related questions should be closed and removed, which had a lot of support so I'm going on the assumption that it's still generally correct. For example ...
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Shouldn't "off-topic" be only about... off-topic?

A related question/discussion point to this one posted just now, but with a completely different rationale. Whenever a question is closed because it doesn't contain SSCCE, or specific code, it also ...
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Please allow us to use the top level "off topic" close reason when voting [duplicate]

I would like to be able to close a question using this top level close reason: This question does not appear to be about programming, within the scope defined in the help center. This text ...
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