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Should questions where a problem arose from a typo be closed? [closed]

Should questions where a problem arose from a typo be closed? Here is a recent example: Google Analytics JavaScript event tracker code not tracking events The problem was a misspelled _gaq (written as ...
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Close all the typo questions [closed]

Update 2013/03/06: I've been playing around in the Data Explorer (first time I've used it) and put together a basic query to help identify typo related posts a little better, improvements welcome: ...
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Closing changes: [on hold], unclear, too broad, opinion-based, off-topic reasons, bye-bye to Too Localized

After a ton of discussion, work and input from the community, we're rolling out the remainder of major closing changes that you've helped us design, as discussed in these prior posts. They're live, ...
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Improving "demonstrate a minimal understanding" close reason [closed]

Note: the eventual outcome of this discussion involved dropping this particular off-topic reason, along with other changes. See:
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Responding to your "too localized" concerns

As part of our closing overhaul, we've moved, reorganized, and renamed a number of close reasons, including too localized. While that change was informed both by widespread misuse of the reason and ...
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Can we pay more attention to questions before we act

I'm posting this mostly because of this question(it's been deleted now) 10k Only.. To summarize, The question had the qualities that we usually ask people for, and it's main fault was it's ...
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What is the replacement for the old "too localized" OT reason? Other? [duplicate]

I understand why the old "too localized" option was removed for OT posts closure reasons, but occasionally I still encounter posts that fall in this category. For example, one recent questioner cited ...
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How to flag a typo question [closed]

I came across this question today. In reading the answer and the comments it turns out that the issue was just a simple typo that the OP made. So that being the case I decided that this question ...
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Close as "Unlikely to help anyone else" (was "too localized" before) [duplicate]

While the recently revised "offtopic" reasons are quite good, I am missing some counterpart of what was "Too localized" before. I would like to have some close reason like this for cases where ...
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Please allow us to use the top level "off topic" close reason when voting [duplicate]

I would like to be able to close a question using this top level close reason: This question does not appear to be about programming, within the scope defined in the help center. This text ...
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Flagging face-palm or D'Oh posts

For some over the last few weeks I've commented on/answered several posts where the OP immediately replied "Oops, I just found my problem and it was a simple typo (or something similar)". In fact ...
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Update "What is an acceptable answer?" FAQ

Our What is an acceptable answer? FAQ still contains the following: 5 You missed a comma, " Vote to close as Yes which is causing too localized....
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Mutual exclusivity of Stack Overflow - how to solve? [closed]

It is not a secret that great site of Stack Overflow is actually two sites in one: one is used by Google to answer our programming questions. another is used by enthusiast programmers to flood with ...
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The "Other" off topic reason for closing can circumvent our actual mission

I'm really happy overall about the changes to closing. I think the new close reasons are much less full of jargon than the old reasons. In practice, however, I'm seeing an actual issue with one ...
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Are questions solved by fixing a typo or basic syntax error "too localized"? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Should questions where a problem arose from a typo be closed? Questions solved by fixing the OP's typo are pretty common. Here's one I recently came across: https://...