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General off-topic flag? [duplicate]

Why isn't there just a generic off-topic flag? This question really should be flagged as such, but it would be too bothersome to flag with a custom reason:
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Closing question as off-topic and not on a suggested site [duplicate]

When flagging/voting to on-hold a question, I seem to have missed the option to simply flag as off-topic or belonging elsewhere on stack exchange. I'm presented with the following list: general ...
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How should I flag questions that are totally unrelated to programming? [duplicate]

Sometimes, I find a post that is totally unrelated to programming. It's either asking about why can't they connect with their service, why can't they login to Facebook and such. My question is, as ...
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What happened to the "other" option for off-topic flagging? [duplicate]

Don't get me wrong, I like the new flagging system (except the wording of the close reasons), but something is wrong I believe. When you want to flag a question as [what apparently used to mean] off ...
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Where is the option to flag a question off-topic and it doesn't qualify for any suggested site? [duplicate]

I recently encountered this question and it doesn't seem relevant for SO (maybe I'm wrong!) or any of the suggested options that flagging "this is off-topic..." suggests (SuperUser, SSCCE, SO ...
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How to flag a typo question [closed]

I came across this question today. In reading the answer and the comments it turns out that the issue was just a simple typo that the OP made. So that being the case I decided that this question ...
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No custom off topic message when flagging on SO

I have less than 3000 rep on StackOverflow. Now that the new closing changes are live, I cannot supply a custom off topic message: I can enter a custom off topic flag message without issue here on ...
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How should off-topic questions be flagged when no off-topic reason from the dialog applies?

Currently, when flagging an off-topic question, the following choices are offered. Questions about general computing hardware and software are off-topic for Stack Overflow. Questions concerning ...
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Better flagging as off topic

Related: No custom off topic message when flagging on SO I recently noticed something: The off topic subreason chosen by flaggers doesn't make any difference at all. Specifically, the subreason ...
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Why was off-topic flag declined?

I flagged this question as off-topic. But since I didn't - and still don't - think it falls within the possibilities given as default off-topic reasons, I flagged it for moderator attention. If we go ...
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How should I flag "Why ..." questions that can be answered with "Because.", if at all?

I flagged this question for moderator attention with a custom reason: It should be closed because... it is useless, I suppose? It was declined with this message: declined - If you feel that way,...
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Why has the flag for simply off topic (non-programming) been removed?

For example, this post seems off topic to me, but there's no good flag to close it. It's not unclear, it's not too broad, it doesn't fit any of the "off topic because" scenarios; it's just not about ...
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Flagging > Closing > Off-Topic doesn't have an option for "doesn't belong anywhere"

This question, for example, cannot fall under any of the following categories: Programming questions are off-topic on Meta Stack Overflow. This question does not appear to seek input and discussion ...
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Allows users who can only flag a question to close it to choose "off-topic" without a sub-closing reason

In Stack Exchange sites, the Help Center has a "What topics can I ask about here?" which lists the topics that are allowed in question, but also which topics are not allowed. For example, for Drupal ...
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Off-topic popup doesn't have a 'completely off-topic' option for flags [duplicate]

When I flag a question as "doesn't belong here", the new 'off-topic' subcategories are great, but there's a little disconnect between the top-level blurb and the options actually displayed beneath. ...
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