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Decision on rejected edits should be displayed as a notification to the editor

Update, April 2014: I fully support Shog9's proposal of adding the message where it belongs—in the actual editing form. This is less intrusive than displaying it as a notification, but it serves the ...
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Reject an already-approved suggested edit when rolling it back

The content of this post has been sanitized in response to anonymous feedback that the formatting was making it completely unreadable by assistive technology (AT). I strongly value making content ...
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What can we do to stop bad edits getting accepted?

A worryingly high number of bad suggested edits get accepted. For example: edits that add bad formatting to random words edits that break the formatting of a block of code edits that add wrong tags ...
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Inline Code Spans should not be used for emphasis, right?

When reviewing Suggested Edits on Stack Overflow, I often come across "fixed formatting" suggestions that use inline code spans to place emphasis on certain keywords, but isn't actual code. For ...
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How can we be better at approving suggested edits that improve answers?

Having been fairly active on Stack Overflow's suggested edit review queue in the past couple of years, I observe that there are a number of worthwhile suggested edits that get rejected because they ...
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Banned from reviewing without failing an audit

I have done about 20 reviews today and didn't fail a single one. How can it happen that I'm banned for 7 days? Have the criteria changed somehow? Sometimes the review audits are not 100% clear (there ...
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Why was my suggested edit rejected repeatedly?

Why was my edit rejected? All three reviewers said: This edit is incorrect or an attempt to reply to or comment on the existing post. Really? Come on! I am nearly at the point of abandoning "...
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Unable to improve answer because edit reviewers are rejecting for questionable reasons [duplicate]

I've always had a hard time getting reviewers to approve my edits pending peer review. It's very often either "too trivial" or "too much change", with "should be a comment" thrown about here and there....
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Edit post privilege revoked

I gained the "suggest edit" privilege and badge yesterday. Today I edited code in some questions. But suddenly I found that I am unable to edit any post any more. When I will get edit-suggesting ...
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Clear rules on reviewing edits

While typing up my answer to this question: Why did my suggested edit get rejected?, I came to realize that suggested edits can, in some cases be technically valid, but reduce the chance of a ...
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Reviewing suggested edits should require a few answers for the question's tags

I think it would make sense to allow reviewing of suggested edits only to users who are familiar (i.e. posted a few answer) with the tag(s) in question. This would prevent some edit to be rejected by ...
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How to deal with links inside code comment?

When I edited this question, I removed the link inside the code comment, along with a sentence before the link: (Evil Steve)Because I'm a kind and wonderful person, I was wrong to call it spam ...
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Edit rejected on Lisp question

I was trying to correct minor mistakes in this post. Which I understand is allowed in the Help Section. Some common reasons to edit are: to fix grammatical or spelling mistakes to clarify ...
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Reviewing edit where code has been corrected

I have noticed some users are approving suggested edits where the editor has changed the code of the post, to correct it. Example 1 Example 2 I thought that posts should not have code corrections as ...
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Suggested Edit Review: Best way to reject edits to question

Some people propose edits to source code in questions (for example, writing a name in lowercase when it should be capitalized). Oftentimes, the issue in the code is due specifically to the problem ...
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