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Why are "Questions that may already have your answer" search results better than the actual search results? [duplicate]

This is a search result for update @ references I realize (from seeing the above search results) that my question hasn't been asked before. But as soon as I start typing, all the relevant results ...
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Stack Overflow search should resemble more the question title box search [duplicate]

I had a would-be question concerning Git. After trying some search keywords, I came to nothing. So I wrote the question and, when I added the title: Git: remote project folders mapped to separate ...
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How does the duplicate search work? [duplicate]

This search seems to work much better than the search bar at the top: In fact, this is the way I normally search. Is there anyway the way this search works could be incorporated into the main search ...
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Comment moderation policy?

Around 20 hours ago, I made a comment on this answer. The entire text of my comment was: Congratulations! You helped create the Silk Road :-).
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Search box vs Question title

When you type in the title of question on either Stack Overflow or Server Fault, you get a list of related questions. If you type the exact same text into the search box at the top right you get far ...
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Stack Overflow more easily found on Google rather than with native search

When I search for a question on Stack Overflow it does not give me even the closest question. But Google is smart enough to trace what I want from my search string (same as what I used on Stack ...
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Need a solution for search results vs. similar questions results [duplicate]

I have wasted my time because of SO. I don’t say that lightly because I am a big fan of the SO model and the help I have received here. Please bear with me on the long post. A Common Scenario I had a ...
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Similar question search works better than actual search [duplicate]

I wanted to open a question titled "What's the best SQLite Cocoa library?". The suggestions told me that the question might be closed for being subjective, but also suggested some similar questions. ...
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Search Seemingly Not Working [duplicate]

I searched a couple of times today for an answer and received 0 results. I then asked a question, and was immediately downvoted due to it being a duplicate question. And it was almost a word-for-word ...
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Why is the SE search not as powerful/intelligent as suggestion while asking questions [duplicate]

Many times when I search on Stack Overflow (or other Stack Exchange sites), I don't get any relevant results. So, I then proceed to ask a new question and VOILA!!! Stack Exchange is able to suggest me ...
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