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Add an "I don't understand" option for review audits

Background This is somewhat specific to Stack Overflow. My concern is the "I understand" button that appears when you fail a Review Audit. I had this experience twice recently (after never ...
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"STOP! Look and Listen" audit tricked me

I have noticed this "STOP! Look and Listen" message when the system audits you by having you review something to check how you respond. However, this audit came up and I was tricked. I wanted to up ...
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Improving Review Queues - Design overview II: Changing review bans and other new features

This is one of three project announcements for Improving Review Queues. We’ve summarized the project objectives and goals here. As a reminder, this project is still in the early stages of discovery. ...
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Review Audit/Commenting on good questions discouraged?

Today I failed yet another review audit (and was subsequently banned) while reviewing first posts. It was a perfectly good post, and I intended to comment on it to point out the name of what they ...
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Failing Review Audit because I added a comment that it was a duplicate post [duplicate]

I reviewed a post in the Super User First Post queue and thought it sounded familiar. I searched for the subject and found a previous post with the same question. I then added a comment ...
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Are comments review test (audit) posted?

When doing a review, I added a comment, then clicked "I'm done". The system said "This was only a test, ...". Will my comment be posted anyway?
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Don't let users comment on review audit questions

When reviewing reopen votes, I was given this question as a review audit. I commented, nonsensically, that I didn't understand why the question was closed as primarily-opinion based, as that's what ...
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Bad review audit [closed]

On Stack Overflow, I was tested on this topic: I only wanted to comment on the good answer asking for further details and an explanation with ...
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"This is an audit"

I've tried to comment a spam-like post politely (before I vote to del). It turned out that it was a long deleted post, and the review was an audit. The software warned me. I don't know, is it ...
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Failed audit by commenting on it [duplicate]

I was given as an audit to 'first question' asked by a user. I wrote a (rather lengthy) comment that the question could be structured better by ...
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Review Commenting/Auditing Issue - "You didn't pass" [duplicate]

My first failed audit was today (as I've read a number of posts to start out this way). When I see a question that I personally have knowledge on, I will comment on it to further the question. Well, I ...
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“Add comment” button should not fail review audit [duplicate]

While reviewing first posts, I was shown this question. I thought it was a good question, and I wanted to ask what the term odr-used means, so I pressed add comment. For daring to taint a good ...
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First posts review audit should not fail you for commenting [duplicate]

I got a first posts audit (, on Monday morning mistake: sudo rm -rf --no-preserve-root /), and not knowing it was an audit, I wanted to leave a comment ...
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Is adding comments to apparently good quality answers inappropriate? [duplicate]

I came across this answer in the review queue: Sort the other range only, and then use std::merge. I thought, that answer may be the solution, but instead of simply posting a link, the AP should ...
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Stop a click on "add comment" failing "known good" audits [duplicate]

After failing another audit, I really believe that comments on audits should be considered a neutral action, just like how clicking the link to the full question/answer is not considered. The logic ...

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