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Add comment triggers fail in first post review audit? [duplicate]

Link: I was going to add a comment for the guy to post his solution as an answer! Come on! :-) Now, seriously, why do you assume adding a ...
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You didn´t pass this test - bug [duplicate]

I think I found a small bug. When getting an audit question, I might want to look around in the comments of that question, to see what others think, before flagging it or just clicking the "Nothing to ...
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STOP! Look and Listen [duplicate]

Whenever I review Close Votes, I sometimes stumble upon something that I don't think should be closed, but just to make sure I haven't missed something, I press the "Close" button to see how many ...
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Bug with commenting on an audit [duplicate]

I was doing a review task and I clicked on add a comment. This immediately popped up: This is not the first time that this has happened. Now I am banned from completing review tasks. (A) I assume ...
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Not allowed to comment on high quality posts when reviewing? [duplicate]

I just failed a review audit for attempting to add a comment to a pretty good answer. (The intention was to ask a clarifying question.) What's the etiquette for this? Are comments only supposed to be ...
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Review Audits confusing Questions and Answers

Failed another high quality review audit (for trying to make a comment). However, I discovered something interesting. It would be a good idea if the the there was a match between question and answer.

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