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Missed the MyOpenID demise; account lost forever? [duplicate]

Is there any way to get my old account + metadata back if I have lost an account ties to MyOpenID?
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Steps (with screen shots) to merge MyOpenID account into social network accounts/email providers accounts [duplicate]

If you have taken the time to merge your MyOpenID StackOverflow (and StackExchange) account into a social network account such as Google or Facebook, can you describe the workflow (maybe with screen ...
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Will/Does SO/SE support any way to migrate accounts from myOpenID [duplicate]

myOpenID have announced they are closing from February 2014. All my SE accounts are linked using a single myOpenID id and I'm sure many thousands of others have the same situation. How are we advised ...
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Do Login Alternatives to OpenID Create A New Account? [duplicate]

I've always used OpenID to log into StackOverflow. I see that it's going to be turned off in Feb 2014. When I try to use an alternate means of login (e.g. Google) it appears to be trying to create ...
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Can't log in to chat with OpenID and Firefox [duplicate]

I recently got logged out of chat somehow, and now I am locked out. When I try to log into my account it asks me to log in. On the global chat login page, it says, "If ...
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openId login to stackoverflow [duplicate]

I'm using myopenid to login to stackoverflow. myopenid is going to be shut down after February of 2014 and I want to see if there is a way I can still use my account and login using stackexchange. ...
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Support for OpenID ended on July 25, 2018

TL;DR: Signing up or logging in via OpenID is no longer officially supported from any of our sites. Stack Overflow was an early and strong supporter of OpenID. We built our sign-up/log-in flow around ...
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My OpenID provider is shutting down; how do I change my Stack Exchange login? [duplicate]

Sometimes OpenID providers end their services, like GetOpenID and MyOpenID did. How do I add or remove login methods so I don't get locked out of my Stack Exchange account? For more information, ...
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MyOpenID is no longer supported - alternatives most likely to be immune to this type of change? [duplicate]

Following myOpenID shuts down February 1, 2014; add an alternative login method to your account, I would like to follow the suggestions and add a new means of logging in, as suggested by the OP of ...
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Warn myOpenID users about end of service

So myOpenID appears to be a bit up and down right now, and recently Janrain tweeted they are not supporting it anymore after fixing an earlier problem: While it's been dead (or at least severely ...
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I lost all my data and reputation in SO [closed]

I know that this question has been asked before, but today when I logged into StackOverflow all my profile was gone: questions, reputation, profile data, everything! Can someone give me a hand on this?...
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What does "your own URL" mean and how does it work?

When logged in to, there is "Use your own URL to log in" link: Which leads to this: What does the URL do? How do I use it to log in? Why HTML tags?
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myOpenID ending...what login should I use? [duplicate]

I got an email this morning that myOpenID is ending Feb 2014. How anyone else received this? Is it real? If so, what login do I use for stackexchange/stackoverflow? Is there a way to migrate/...
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Why remove myOpenID two weeks before deprecation?

I had trouble logging in this evening because the log in button for myOpenID was removed, even though the service will still be available for the rest of the month. Why was this done prematurely? I'...
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I can't login using MyOpenID, Google or Stack Exchange accounts nor recover Stack Exchange account

My MyOpenID login is working right in Ask Ubuntu, but I can't log in to Stack Overflow or Meta Stack Overflow using MyOpenID, Google nor Stack Exchange. The only page I see is the "Oops! ...
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